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Reloc8 Em: Debunking Property Investment Myths

In the realm of business and investment, there are common misconceptions about achievable goals and limitations. These notions often stem from the perspectives of industry experts and coaches, who may suggest certain boundaries cannot be surpassed. Such perspectives can influence beliefs and hinder aspirations, potentially preventing you from reaching your true potential.

In the property business, a persistent myth has revolved around rent-to-rent serviced accommodation. The prevailing belief, perpetuated by property experts, was that achieving a substantial return on a modest £60,000 investment in the property market, such as earning £9,000 in rental income, was nothing more than a pipe dream. This misconception discouraged many aspiring property investors and managers from setting ambitious goals.

But as it turns out, this idea was just a misconception and has been debunked now.

When Trevor Henry started his property business, he talked to several experts to analyze how the market works. To his surprise, he was advised that aiming for a £9,000 profit on a £60,000 investment was unrealistic and that he should consider settling for lower returns.

Still, with his competitive spirit, he wasn’t about to let this belief hold him back. Determined to break free from this constraint, he joined forces with his friend, Greg Coles, and together, they entered the world of serviced accommodation (SA), launching their brand called Reloc8 Em.

After careful market analysis, the duo planned and invested their first £60,000, and the results were unexpected. Within no time, Reloc8 Em achieved a remarkable £13,000 in monthly rental income from the same investment, a staggering £4,000 more than what the gurus had declared as impossible.

Moreover, it was not a one-time hit. The firm continuously generated such high net returns, making a statement in the industry. They even collaborated with Golden Homes Property Group to grow their portfolio which today stands at more than 361 units (Growing at a rate of 24 units per week on average).

Trevor proved that just calling something impossible doesn’t make it impossible. Only when you try it yourself can you find the truth?

You might be thinking, what’s the secret behind this success? How did Trevor and Greg outperform the conventional wisdom of property investment? According to the duo, their strategic approach and unwavering commitment are the answers.

One of the key strategies employed by Reloc8 Em is collaboration with top-tier serviced accommodation management companies. By partnering with these experts, they have maintained an impressive 96% occupancy rate across their 338+ units in London. This high occupancy rate ensures a steady income stream and allows them to charge premium rents.

Furthermore, delivering exceptional service to their guests has earned them a sterling reputation in the SA industry. Happy guests often become repeat customers, and word-of-mouth recommendations have played a significant role in sustaining their high occupancy rates. After all, satisfied guests are not just customers but a source of continuous income.

With this success, Trevor and Greg aim to grow their business globally while inspiring people not to give up without even trying. To that end, the duo will launch an educational platform to help people develop the right mindset and equip them with the resources to succeed in the property business. They strive to teach that with dedication, smart work, and unwavering commitment, the impossible can indeed become possible.

While their success is remarkable, it’s essential to remember that every investment journey is unique. What worked for Trevor and Greg may not be a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone.

It’s crucial for aspiring investors to learn from industry leaders and gurus, but remember to never take anyone’s word as final. Investors must evaluate their goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions to chart their specific path to success.

In conclusion, aspiring investors should look at Reloc8 Em as a reminder that with the right mindset and strategy, they can achieve what may be considered a myth in their fields today. As Nelson Mandela famously said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Apply this idea to your businesses and never aim for less just because someone thinks it’s unachievable.

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