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Modern Cars Mileage Correction Performance Tools

Most modern cars are equipped with electronic dashboards, so their odometers do not store mileage values but are instead showing readings from the memory of the onboard electronic control unit (ECU). This architecture ensures storing protection from unauthorized mileage changes.

But it also means that special tools have to be used for authorized mileage corrections. Reliable tools, capable of performing mileage value adjustments, are available at Ecutools.

When Should Equipment for Correcting Odometers Be Used

As potential buyers of the vehicle are in most cases using mileage readings in order to evaluate the wear and ultimately the price of the car, making arbitrary changes to odometer readings is illegal in most countries. However, sometimes displayed values do not match the actual wear of car systems. In these cases, odometer readings could and should be corrected in order to provide more actual data on the state of the care. Examples of such cases:

  • ECU/dashboard/wheel rotations sensor malfunction.
  • Overhaul the car or install a new engine.
  • Long usage of worn/custom diameter tires (in most cars mileage is calculated as a product of pi, pre-defined wheel diameter, and registered wheel rotations).
  • Performing km/miles conversion for odometers that do not display the units in which mileage is measured when importing the car to the country with different systems of measurement.
  • Long diagnostics on special stands and/or test tracks that ensure decreased wear of the car.

Popular Equipment for Correcting Readings of Electronic Odometers, Stored in the Memory of the ECU

Different odometer correction tools are working using the same principle – gaining access to the memory of the ECU in order to rewrite the stored value of the mileage. The following tools are most widely used for odometer correction:

  • M&D Flasher – modular design software-only solution capable of rewriting different areas of the memory of the ECU. This tool can also be used for chip-tuning purposes. The basic edition of M&D Flasher without any modules, which add support for different ECU models, costs only 28 $, while the full edition of this useful tool costs 4 507 $. Please note that this solution requires the usage of a third-party adapter, compatible with the OBD port and data transfer protocol of the car.
  • CAN Filter – this solution is used for live adjustments to signals that pass between the ECU and sensors of the car. This tool can provide live odometer correction for cases when mileage error is aggravated every time the car is used (i.e. when custom tires are used). This useful tool costs only 90 $. Fordometer, Mazdameter, and other manufacturer-specific tools.

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