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Leica Presents a Mirrorless Camera In The Size of a Cell-Phone



Leica, the producer of premium cameras and their frill, has reported another mirrorless camera, but one with a much more reduced plan. Like all Leica cameras, the new TL2 costs a significant add and components upgrades absolute.

The work of the camera includes a similar aluminum complete as its forerunners, now more agreeable on account of its smooth edges, close by the overhauled dials. The implicit glimmer has been cut out thus. Nonetheless, a hotshoe has been added to compensate for the absence of it.


On the front of the camera is a 24-megapixel CMOS APS-C sensor, a stage up from the 16 megapixels on its antecedent. It underpins 49 self-adjust focuses, centering 3 times quicker than its forerunner. It highlights an ISO scope of 100-50,000 and a burst mode with help for shooting of up to 20 outlines for each second.

The shade speed can go the distance to ¼,000 of a moment. There is no RAW mode.

On the video front, the camera underpins 4K recordings at up to 30 outlines for every second.


For networking, you have USB-C, which is an appreciated expansion and utilized for charging the batteries, HDMI and Bluetooth. There’s a SD card space as well, to store records.

On the back is a 3.7-inch touchscreen, with a patched up interface cordiality of Leica that is said to be eight times quicker than some time recently. Indeed, Leica puts stock in it such a great amount of that there are zero catches encompassing it.

The Leica TL2 underpins up to three prime focal points and three zoom focal points. The organizations claim M and R-arrangement are bolstered as well, but you’ll need to forego on self-adjust.


The evaluating is keeping pace with what one anticipates from a brand like Leica; the TL2 begins at $1950. For that. You’ll get a camera which is itself ensured to pull in as much consideration as the yield that it produces.