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How to Be a Better Manager

Do you have dreams of moving up the corporate ladder? Do you want to aim for the management and executive positions in a company, not satisfied to remain in a mid-level position throughout your career? Whether your goals will be realized shortly, or you are still a few years off, there is plenty you can be doing to position yourself for success. When looking at how to be a better manager, the information is vast, and there is no reason you should wait to act. Here are some of the actionable steps you can take that will make you a better manager whether that time is now, or in the future.

Obtain Your MBA in Business Management

As you start to apply for management positions, the one thing you’ll be stuck with is how much competition exists out there. You can have all the confidence in the world, but if your CV isn’t being taken seriously then you’re not even going to land a job interview. So, the solution is to make sure your CV has substance.

A Master’s in Business Management from a respected school such as Aston University can certainly be something that potential employers are looking for. An MBA in business management is meant to build on the foundations you already have through previous education, preparing you for the issues, trends, and landscape of today’s global business industry. You will walk away as an expert in operations management, strategic management, marketing, economics, and more.

What’s Your Management Style?

It will also be important to think about your management style – how do you plan to lead the team? Your style needs to resonate with employees, and both inspire and motivate them, which will ultimately lead to the highest productivity level. Experts suggest that, when choosing and embracing your management style, you use the following tips:

  1. Be open to change – you may need to tweak your style here and there to better match up with the company’s needs
  2. Make sure you are always consistent so that employees know what to expect from you, and what is expected of them
  3. Embrace the chance to innovate, evolve, and grow whenever possible

Communication Skills Will be Paramount

If you were to list one main skill of a successful manager, it would likely be communication skills. Communication skills encompass listening, speaking, and writing skills so it’s a whole gambit. Communication skills may not be something that comes naturally to you, which is okay because there are plenty of ways you can improve on them. Ideally, this is something you want to work on before even applying for a management position so that you can be a strong contender. Some of the ways you can improve your communication skills before you land the role of a manager include:

  • Learn to listen – this means focusing on the person and what they are saying and not letting your mind wander. This can be easier said than done and is something you’ll need to be mindful of. All too often people are tempted to multi-task, but this shouldn’t be the case when listening.
  • Make the person feel heard – this means responding to what they are saying and again, giving them your full attention.
  • Learn to be specific, to the point, and brief with your communications. Your communications shouldn’t lead to confusion.
  • Ensure people feel comfortable talking to you, asking questions, and asking for help/clarification.
  • Be mindful of your body language when communicating in person.
  • Don’t always use digital methods as your means of communication – it’s not as personal and it can sometimes miss important cues.
  • Learn to be a positive and uplifting force in the workplace.

Provide Employees with Performance Updates

While a performance review is something that is typically very formal and done every year, performance updates are far less formal and should be done regularly. This is a way to let employees know you recognize their work, they are on the right track, they are doing a good job, and areas they can make improvements. It’s not meant to be a time to lecture staff; instead, it is to provide them with helpful input that ensures they can do their job to the best of their abilities. Performance updates also give staff a chance to provide feedback to you – perhaps they need additional tools, resources, or help that would improve the flow of work.

Embrace Data and Statistics – They Provide Much Insight

Because managers need to be able to make big and important decisions, you need the most current and accurate information at your fingertips at all times. This means you need to embrace data and statistics, understand what they mean, analyze them in a meaningful way and then take that data to shape the steps going forward. Analytical and critical thinking skills are very much a part of any MBA program, in particular a business management program. This means you should already be armed with the knowledge and ability to embrace the data and use it properly.

Always Lead by Example

The final tip has been said many times, and for good reason. Be the manager you would want to have and lead by example. Employees take their cues from the top, which means you need to set the example of what is acceptable in the workplace. You need to represent and amplify the company culture and mission statement. Some of the best managers out there will attest that it’s not enough to merely be a manager; you need to be a mentor too. This is how you start to build the kind of organization that succeeds not just in the short term, but also in the long term.

It’s a journey, but It Can Lead to Great Success

Becoming a better manager isn’t going to be a simple process. It takes ongoing effort, the willingness to learn and be open to change, and a determination to be your ultimate best. Taking each of these steps will certainly help you in your journey and can set you up for a wonderful and fulfilling career.

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