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How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

As attorneys for motorbike accidents, we witness tragic accidents daily. Most of these incidents result from other people’s inattention, i.e., a truck or vehicle driver unaware of motorcycle riders in the roadway.

Although we cannot control the actions of car or truck drivers on the roads, there are certain things riders could do to stay clear of potential dangers in situations.

Motorcycle accident statistics can tell us a lot about the safety of riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injury or death, and it is essential to be aware of the risks of riding a motorcycle. By following a few basic guidelines and you will be able to develop the “sixth sense” that many experienced riders use to stay out of danger:

Be aware of the surroundings.

Be sure to adjust the rearview mirrors to match the direction of your vision. Always check your rearview mirrors to see vehicles, automobiles, motorcycles, autorickshaws, and big trucks. Be aware of the road ahead because roads could be prone to potholes, and pedestrians are likelier to walk across the roads in heavy traffic. Be aware of this, as crashing into pedestrians or vehicles can result in injuries to you and the other person.

Put your helmet on at all times.

In a study released in the year 2018 from MORTH, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) In a report released in 2018, over 2385 motorcyclists were killed in accidents on the road because they were not wearing helmets. Your helmet’s purpose is to protect your head from injuries if you are involved in an accident.

Without it, you’ll suffer head injuries to your brain that could ruin your life or result in the loss of your ability to work. Wear protective equipment that covers your knees, elbows, and legs. If another person caused the accident, you should at least ensure you are safe by wearing protective equipment.

Don’t Ride in Blind Spots

It’s evident, yet many riders prefer riding alongside the car’s rear, wheel even within the blind spot of the driver! This is the most dangerous spot to be riding on the roads. Don’t do it. Make sure you ride in clear areas of traffic in front or ahead of other vehicles.

If you have to ride with vehicles, ensure you are within the driver’s view. It would help if you also vary the speed. If you are a runner, it could make you appear unnoticed by motorists, especially when there is a lot of traffic.

Allow other cars and trucks to run interference.

In addition to the advice that was made above: when crossing intersections, allow larger vehicles to interfere with your safety, i.e., drive next to a large vehicle when you are driving through the intersection.

If an inconsiderate driver going to be running through the green light at a red one, it’s safer for them to run into the car that’s driving close to you rather than smash into your motorcycle. In the same way, avoid practicing holeshots at every intersection once the light changes to green. Be patient and consider using the cars next to you to provide cover.

Always obey traffic laws without failing to do so.

The most fundamental tip anyone could offer on preventing bike accidents is to adhere to traffic rules. Infractions to traffic laws put motorists as well as you at risk, resulting in accidents.

Additionally, for any harm caused to the other party as a result of your infraction to traffic laws, you are accountable for the damages. Not obeying traffic laws, driving too fast, not adhering to traffic rules, or complying with the correct rules of overtaking could cause a motorcycle crash.

Don’t drink and drive.

Despite the strict laws that prohibit drink-driving, many people don’t have the requisite safety measures and drive under the influence of alcohol. While the legal Blood Alcohol (BAC) has been set to 0.03 percent for 100ml blood samples, the most sensible step is to avoid drinking alcohol while driving. Instead, take public transportation such as buses or taxis to prevent motorcycle collisions.

Wait at stop signs/stop lights with care.

There are many rear-end collisions that occur at stop lights as well as stoplights. Motorcyclists stop at an intersection and are hit from behind by a vehicle. To avoid this, move your bike in the middle of vehicles or within lanes (i.e., the lane split) to protect yourself from vehicles coming ahead. Be aware that lane splitting on the highway is a different issue.

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