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How Much Water Should I Drink Based On My Weight?

Water is an important part of our everyday diet as humans. Water helps us to stay hydrated and plays a role in cleansing the body from harmful substances and toxins. Water also aids metabolism and helps your skin. To enjoy these benefits, you must drink enough water. The right amount of water varies from one person to another, depending on weight and other factors. This article will discuss how much water you should drink based on your weight.

Calculating How Much Water To Drink

For the amount of water that you drink to be effective, you must try to ensure that it matches your weight. On average, 9 cups of water is recommended for water, while 12 cups are just about enough for men. A simple way to ensure that you stay dehydrated is by drinking half an ounce to one ounce of water per pound that you weigh. This means that if you weigh 100 pounds, you should drink anywhere between 50 ounces to 100 ounces of water. To determine the exact amount, a brief calculation is required.

  • Calculate your weight in pounds, then divide it by 2.2.
  • Multiply your result by 40 if you are younger than 30. If you are between the ages of 30 and 55, multiply your result by 35. If you are above 55, divide your result by 30.
  • Divide the result by 28. 3, and you get the number of ounces you need per day.
  • Divide the number of ounces by 8 to know the number of cups you need.

Other Factors That Affect Water Needs

Apart from your weight, other factors affect your water consumption. Some of these factors are exercise, environment, and your health status. Exercising leads to loss of bodily fluids, so you should drink more water when you work out. Hot weather causes more sweat, so drinking water during the warmer months is best. A sick person needs more water than regular due to vomiting, fever, and diarrhea. Similarly, a pregnant or nursing mother should drink more water.

How to Check If You are Hydrated

For people with a tight schedule, tracking how much water they have taken in a day might be difficult. This is why it is important to check if you are hydrated. A urine test is one of the best ways to check if you are hydrated. You are well hydrated if your urine is clear with a mild odor. However, you are most likely dehydrated if your urine is very yellow with a strong smell.


In this article, we have been able to tell you how much water to drink concerning your question. In conclusion, keeping water close to you is the best way to stay hydrated. But, of course, you must always drink clean water, which is why getting water filters in Sydney is a no-brainer.

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