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How Can Game Developers Efficiently Maximize Their Revenue?

The world of mobile game development has evolved dramatically over the past two years. This has opened up tremendous opportunities for mobile game developers and publishers to earn revenue via monetization. As a result, today we see multiple ways of mobile game and app monetization being actively used. The popularity of these monetization strategies reveals how eagerly mobile game developers and publishers want to earn revenue. The goal however should just be to earn revenue but to maximize it by using the strategies in the best way. This article will tell you how mobile game developers can maximize their in-app revenue efficiently.

How To Efficiently Maximise Mobile Game Revenue?

To maximize mobile game revenue a game developer or publisher is bound to execute the monetization strategies the right way. Learn when and how to monetize a mobile game and optimize revenue generation here…

Paid Strategy for Monetization

A foolproof and instant way of generating in-app revenue is to sell it for downloads online. You as a game developer can set up a fixed price to enable downloads, launching your game as a paid one. This will fill up your pockets with revenue every time the game gets a download. Every install will add to the revenue instantly. But will people want to download a paid mobile game? How to motivate them? This is what you need to know.

How to maximize mobile game revenue with paid strategy?

Create hype around your mobile game and promote unique selling points. You as a game developer or publisher need to market your mobile game as much as you can. This will motivate a greater audience to download your game which will add to the revenue.

Effective In-app Advertising for Revenue Generation

After the paid strategy model, in-app advertising is known for bringing guaranteed revenue for game developers and publishers. With this strategy being executed, all your in-app revenue depends on the number of impressions it generates. In-app advertising can be executed by making a direct deal with the advertiser, connecting with an Ad Network, or signing up with an Ad Mediation Platform.

Besides choosing the method that fits you, it is important to choose the perfect ad format for your mobile game. The most common ad formats used for monetization are:

  • Banner Ads
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Playable Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Icon Ads
  • Offer Walls
  • Rewarded Video Ads

How to maximize revenue with in-app advertising?

To maximize revenue with in-app advertising there are three things to focus on. It begins with choosing the right method for in-app advertising, choosing the right ad placements, and improving user experience. The best way to maximize revenue with in-app advertising is by signing up with an ad mediation platform. An ad mediation platform connects you with the highest paying Ad Network that bids for an available ad slot in your app. Furthermore, these platforms make ad placements and performance optimization super easy while maximizing eCPM for better revenue.

In-app Purchases for Improved User-Experience

Enabling in-app purchases is a great way to monetize a mobile game. All you need to do is put up attractive offers for game players to avail themselves. These offers can include level upgrades, mode changes, premium gameplays, and a lot more at a minimal cost. Besides, a game developer can also sell merchandise in the app.

How to maximize revenue with in-app purchases?

The goal is to achieve the better sale of offers and vouchers available. Thus, it is important for a developer to display these when a user is in dire need. The inventory also needs to be accessible so that users can make a purchase at any time during gameplay.

Hybrid Monetization

The strategy is to mix two monetization methods and make the most out of them. In this case, in-app advertising merged with in-app purchases is just the perfect hybrid strategy. By doing so a developer can advertise in-app purchases into the mobile game and boost revenue generation. To maximize revenue, the goal is simple, you just need to efficiently execute monetization. To do so, using ad mediation and programmatic platforms is the best solution. These platforms enable real-time performance analysis and revenue optimization so that developers can make changes and maximize revenue.

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