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A Guide to Selling a House Privately Without an Estate Agent

Property sales are one of the vital tasks in the industry where, as a property owner, you need to be ready to deal with the challenges associated with it. In real estate, a realtor aids you in getting the house to the market, and after the sale, they get a commission off the total amount sold. However, as a property owner, you can sell your home without an estate agent, and here are some of the tips that you can use to close that deal.

Prepare Your Home

Home preparation entails myriads of organization, decluttering, and renovation of the house. Before getting the house to the market, it is essential to fix and repair the places where they have damages. It is a crucial task because no buyer wants to purchase a house that has faults.

Moreover, this allows you to style the house in a manner that you desire. For example, you can give the house a contemporary or an accustomed finish. This will also be an advantage to the house sale as different clients have different expectations. If it is a family home, there are various aspects that you need to highlight before the staging process, such as the number of bedrooms or kitchen area. This will give you an upper hand in taking your house off the market.

Additionally, in the house preparation, it is vital to repaint the house brighter colors in case you have a small space, this allows the house to appear more prominent and attractive. The colors also give the house a better appearance in terms of the staging and make it easy to arrange the furniture before opening it for viewing. This will make you sell the house faster.

Analyse the Market and Set a Price

Pricing is one of the critical factors that house sellers encounter. In the real estate industry, there is much fluctuation in the market price, and this is affected by different factors. They include; the season and the location of the property. As a seller, it is imperative to evaluate the prices that have been set in the market. This is possible through online platforms like Trulia that allows you to assess the value of the houses around your area.

As a For Sale By Owner, you can use tools such as the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s HPI Calculator to estimate the pricing of your house. This allows you to set the right price, which is standard. It is significant to do this because if you overprice the home, it might sit in the market for over three months, and when you under-price it you will suffer a considerable loss.

It is pivotal to measure the size that your property sits on and use the dimensions in the calculation to be able to price it efficiently. This gives you an objective on how to sell the house and in how long.

Enroll for a Listing

Listings allow the house to be available in the market, and this gives the seller a higher chance to sell it. In as much as FSBO (For Sale By Owners) may consider it as unimportant, it plays a significant role for the house to get off the market. Subsequently, the MLS gives you a stage of finding buyers who might come and view the property after its completion. The duration offered by the MLS is quite reasonable, and the fees are affordable, allowing you to save more money.

Advertise the House

Advertisement is the mother of marketing, and this is the jackpot in terms of selling the house. When preparing an ad for your home, it is significant to state the key features of the house. This involves the property size, amenities like the pool if available, and the number of rooms that are in the house.

The advertisement should have a captivating description that will capture the buyer’s attention. This involves giving factual data about the house and use the selling points of the house that will sweep the buyer of their feet. After the preparation of the advertisement ensure you have sent it to different sites such as the FSBO, Real estate, and Local classified websites. This gives you a broader market for you to sell the property.

Hold an Open House

Showing the house on particular days gives the buyers a chance to evaluate and assess the house, and if they like it, they can close the deal. The open house is essential for an FSBO as it gives you a chance to show the potential buyers the beautiful property on-site.


Selling a property through FSBO is possible if you use the above tips. After the sale, you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work and in turn, get to venture into the real estate if you enjoyed the process.

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