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Glycol Ethers Market: Market Size, Global Outlook, and Total Industry Share

Ethers belong to a section of organic compounds that constitute an ether group. A compound that has one oxygen atom adjoined to two alkyl or aryl groups is classified as an ether group. Others are generally formed in the R-O-R chemical formation where R stands for alkyl or aryl and O stands for the oxygen atom. Glycol ethers are some of the commonly used industrial ethers that are categorized into different series for classification.

P-series and E-series ethers are common industrial ether classes. Glycol ethers have one ether and one alcohol functional group in the same molecule and these are considered as the most versatile organic solvents. Glycol ethers are known for their excellent solvency, stability, and compatibility with water and other organic compounds. Cellosolve and Carbitol solvents are derivatives of glycol ethers and have a variety of use cases such as dye for leather, textile, and printing industries, grease, cleaning and specialty formulations, insecticides, herbicides, industrial coating systems, Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (FSII), freeze-thaw agents, and chemical reaction solvents.

Glycol Ethers Market Size and Global Outlook:

The global glycol ethers market is huge due to its applications in a number of industries. The market is currently growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.1 percent and it is expected to sustain the growth rate till 2022. North America, European Union, and Asia are the major supply markets of different type of glycols and their market share lies respectively at 28 percent, 29 percent, and 39 percent. APAC is a prominent region in terms of both demand and supply due to high growth rates in paint, coating applications, and household cleaning products industries. North America and Europe are mature downstream markets that are likely to show slow growth rates. P-series ethers are expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.7 percent which is better than the E-series ethers. As a result, the revenue share of P-series ethers will continue to increase till 2022. Dynamic Chemicals, Dow Chemicals, LyondellBasell, Ineos Oxide, Sadara, and BASF are top global suppliers in the market.

Talking about the global capacity of both the P-series and E-series ethers, the current capacity is sufficient to meet the global demand. However, both E-series and P-series are not able to meet the demand in specific regions, respectively, Asia and North America. This is because these regions rely largely on imports. The E-series ethers are also expected to witness a surge in the demand due to rapid infrastructural developments such as smart cities and reinventing infrastructure on a global level. E-series ethers are widely used in paint and coating manufacturing due to their specific characteristics such as water and organic solubility, coalescing properties, and slow evaporation rate. Therefore, the demand and market share of E-series is expected to rise in the near future.

Glycol Ethers Market Trends and Total Industry Share:

Different types of glycol ethers constitute a big chunk of industry share in the solvents and coating applications markets. Tripropylene glycol methyl ether is an ether compound predominantly used in coating applications. TPM is used in coating liquids for getting added protection from extreme weather conditions such as wet and dry deposition acid rain, UV radiation, and corrosion. TPM market is also likely to grow rapidly due to specific trends such as improved safety and braking systems, automated vehicles, strict environmental regulations, and consumer expectations in the automotive industry.

On the other hand, Dipropylene glycol methyl ether (DPM), which is used in adhesive manufacturing, is likely to register gains of more than 5 percent in the near future. This is due to the ever-increasing demand for adhesives on a global level. The use of carbon-fiber and polymer material is at highest all thanks to high-tech automotive vehicles and a significant decrease in the use of nuts and bolts. DPM is also used in aqueous solutions with a wide temperature band.

Lastly, Ethylene glycol butyl ether acetate (EGBEA) is a popular compound in the chemicals industry and it is widely used in the manufacturing of a variety of chemical compounds. Its demand is also expected to increase due to urbanization and the modernization of the chemical industry. The compound adds special properties in the end product including high blush, electrical resistance, slow evaporation rate, biodegradability, and high solvency.

Even small changes in the global glycol ether market affect related industries. The FMCG industry accounts for a small downstream demand share that constitutes of low-volume buyers for ether manufacturers. Therefore, they have less leverage in contract negotiations and they have to deal with high prices and supply availability in tight situations.

Glycol ethers market is a global-level sector that caters to a wide range of industries. Although glycol ethers are itself a big solvent class, E-series and P-series ethers make up for a large portion of the industrial demand. These E-series and P-series ethers are about to witness surging demands in the near future. Therefore, with increased urbanization and smart city initiatives, associated industries such as construction, automotive, and electrical are growing and glycol industry along with it.

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