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Founder of ‘My Greek Boutique’ Jazmine Humphrey: A Greek Culture Enthusiast and Mom to Look Out For



Established in December 2019 as an official online and retail store, My Greek Boutique originally began as a dropshipping company on Etsy. However, its positive response pushed the brand to have its own entity. Behind this notable success is Jazmine Humphrey, a mompreneur who believes in pushing the boundaries to live your dream.

Even before My Greek Boutique was established on Etsy in 2018, Jazmine was busy raising her daughter, Madisyn, and working as a full-time registered nurse. Wanting to provide a comfortable life for herself and Madisyn, Jazmine got in touch with her entrepreneurial side and began designing Greek paraphernalia for sororities and fraternities.

A year of effort and dedication caught the eye of many Greek letter organizations, and soon My Greek Boutique turned into an online store. Instead of relying on bank loans or credits, Jazmine had her goal set and personally funded the entire brand’s making, which pushed her to achieve more. Resigning from her job as a full-time registered nurse and acquiring a physical location empowered her to invest her unattended time toward My Greek Boutique and raising Madisyn.

Having such a firm grasp of the items that define Greek paraphernalia put My Greek Boutique on the market. Jazmine’s work is undeniably unique, brilliant, and of great quality. Her apparel embodies every fraternity and sorority’s color, logo, background, history, and values. Moreover, the variety she offers gives them a chance to pick their favorite clothing instead of just wearing letterman jackets or basic t-shirts.

My Greek Boutique’s accessories are out of the park as well. Jazmine adds her special touch and unique design skills to the typical handbag and even water bottles. The brand offers Airpod cases, iPhone cases, and laptop sleeves all top-notch quality.

Handling her job as an entrepreneur with orders coming in from all over the United States and some abroad, Jazmine is a committed mother who does not miss out on quality time. She wants to provide Madisyn with the basic necessities of life and much more, which is why she works tirelessly. Regardless of her busy schedule, she has proven that one can run a successful business and be present as a parent.

Jazmine is a force to be reckoned with, and the proof lies in the formation and growth of My Greek Boutique. As a mompreneur, she is an inspiration to mothers all over the world who wish to do something more. My Greek Boutique is the rising star in the merch world for sororities and fraternities, and with the empowering story of its creator, it rightly deserves the spot.

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