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Everything You Need to Know About UCLA Dorms

Did you know The University of California, founded in 1919, sits on a 419 acres stretch of land? Well, despite its size, its student population is high, and some must reside off-campus. However, what the campus offers is an excellent deal for any student. The UCLA dorms operate with rules which include access and booking policies. Students make bookings online, and only those students of a particular residence and their visitors, if any, can access the facility after 9:00 PM. Therefore, the campus hostels guarantee a high level of security through the measures instituted by the institution. Are you a freshman or looking forward to joining campus soon? Well, this piece will serve you in your search for the right accommodation on campus.

How Do the Dorms Look?

The UCLA dorms are of three types, including Plazas, residence halls, and suites.

The hallways look like ordinary dorms at college. Most are tall, raised buildings with long floors. The floors have two washrooms each, one to cater for boys and the other one the girls. The bathrooms usually have numerous sinks, toilets, and showers; thus, students do not have to wait. The halls are the cheapest of all on-campus housing facilities.

The plazas are an excellent option, with either one for sharing the bathroom or a private one. For the private washroom plazas, each room has its own bathroom. The sharing rooms are also not worse since only two neighboring rooms share the washroom. The types are a bit expensive compared to the halls.

The suites serve students whose desire is living in an apartment but within the campus. The apartments are large, with two bedrooms, a living room, and a bathroom. Suites are the most expensive of all types of UCLA dorms.

Are There Distinct Residences for Male and Female Students?

Both male and female students live on the same floor but different rooms. The rooms are specifically for a particular gender. However, the bathrooms are separate, meaning each gender uses its specific washrooms.

Is There Special Accommodation for Students with Disabilities?

If having a medical condition that makes you unable to reside in dorms, you can seek the special section through an application. Students with special needs fill the DSHAB packet and then attach a personal letter. A doctor’s confirmation is necessary, and there is a section for the specialist to fill in the application. By submitting the completed packet, you are good to get accommodation. The department of housing is strict but accommodative. It seeks to ensure they give unique facilities only to people who deserve them.

How Far Are the Dorms from the Lecture Halls?

All the dorms are a few minutes’ walks from the lecture rooms. There are terraces of palm trees along, recreational centers, vistas, and cafes, to which students have access. Moving around campus will make you understand why over 90% of the freshmen choose to reside on the campus.

Is On-Campus Accommodation the Best?

You have a variety to choose from when it comes to the on-campus dorms and off-campus residences, as well. The choice to live in or out of campus is personal and influenced by factors such as your financial positions

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