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Essential Apps to Socialise During Lockdown

If you are a social butterfly kind it must be really hard for you to cope up with the lockdown. However there few ways to socialize while maintaining social distance. To contain the spread it is necessary to stay home but you can still meet your friends virtually. Here are a few ways for you to socialize from home amidst the lockdown.


Features – You can add other Fitbit users as friends on your profile to keep you going and motivated when you miss your gym buddies. When you connect with others on Fitbit you will see yourself on the rank board.

Eventually you will start competing with others to stay at the top. You can easily find friends on Fitbit using the friend finder option on the dashboard. You can also connect friends from your contact list and Facebook on Fitbit. You can also set adventures to challenge your friends virtually or you can even create solo adventures to push yourself.

Netflix Party

Features – Out of all the options we recommend Netflix Party because of its easy accessibility and amazing features. You can host long-distance movie nights for friends and family of up to 1,000,000 people. You don’t need any additional app or software except for Netflix to host movie nights.

To host a Netflix Party you need to log in to the Netflix web version and then just click on the “NP” icon in your address bar. Click on “Start Party” and share the URL with your friends and family for them to join the big movie night. All need is the Netflix Party extension on your Chrome browser.

It has few drawbacks like it can be used only on Laptops or Desktops and not on your smartphones. Currently, it does not support any other browser than the chrome browser.

Bunch app

Features – It is basically an app made for playing games with friends while you video chats with them. The app has many inbuilt fun and easy games you can play with your friends. You can easily invite friends to a fun gaming session. To invite friends you will need to create a party and then pick your favorite game to play and let your friends join you.

It supports live chat and video calling along with fun gaming session. You can invite up to eight people to the gaming party. The various inbuilt games available in the app are ‘Draw Party’, ‘Trivia Superhighway’, ‘Mars Dash’, ‘Flappy Lives’, and ‘Bunch Pool‘.


Features – You can chat with your buddies online instantly using different free video conferencing app called JioMeet. It is an Indian app developed by Reliance Jio which offers high-quality video and voice experience. It supports adaptive streaming that means even on lower bandwidths your calls will not drop and it switches to video quality compatible with your internet speed.

This app comes in handy if you are working from home. You can also use this app to connect with your friends and family. If you are a free user you can connect up to 5 people in the call. If you are a business user you can connect up to 100 people in a call.

It has WebRTC support which means it supports any browser and you can just click on the invite link without the need for downloading the app. You can easily switch between voice and video calls without ending the ongoing call.

Being cooped at one place can be annoying but it is our responsibility to contain the spread by following the safety measures and lockdown rules. These are just a few of many ways to stay connected to the outside world. You can do many such activities and get through this Quarantine. Tell us about your experiences and what other activities you think can be added to the above list.

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