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The Effect of Brexit on the Travel Industry

The UK is scheduled to leave the EU on 31 October 2019, but there is still uncertainty among the public regarding Brexit’s impact. How it will affect the travel industry is still an unknown, but travel companies have been reaching out to their customers to reassure them as best they can.

They are putting themselves in their customers’ shoes in order to address any fears or questions they might have, as best as they can at this unclear stage. Read on for our key trends on how Brexit will affect the travel industry and how companies are working hard to reassure customers and maintain business.

Existing Travel Plans With Flights

For those customers who are travelling from November 2019 onward and are feeling nervous about how Brexit will affect their travel plans, assurance can be given that their flights will remain unaffected. Both the EU and the UK Government have confirmed that flights to and from the UK will operate as normal, regardless of the political outcome.

Passport Renewal

If you are planning to travel to Europe, you might need to renew your passport earlier than expected. You can use the Passport Office’s tool to check whether you have enough time left on your current UK passport.

There has been speculation that post-Brexit, UK travellers will require a visa to travel to Europe, but the European Commission has announced that even in a no-deal Brexit, British holidaymakers will be able to visit Europe with no visa. Update the FAQ section of your website to reassure customers and put their mind at ease.

Ferries, Cruise Ships, Coaches And Trains

Ferries and cruises will continue to sail as planned as the majority operate under international rules, not EU ones. Coach journeys are expected to remain unaffected, as are trains. Brittany Ferries makes its content around Brexit feel reassuring and knowledgeable by using a personal, trustworthy tone, including language like ‘be assured’ and ‘as part of our responsibility to respond to customer inquiries.

Putting Customers at the Heart of Your Content

Making travel plans, booking with confidence and knowing that your hard-earned money is safe when committing to travel have never been so important as in this uncertain Brexit climate. Customers need an extra layer of reassurance, more so than ever before.

Eurotunnel puts its commitment to customers front and centre of its website, right on the homepage, not buried away in a help section. It’s a bold move that shows an understanding that anxiety around Brexit and travel is most likely present even at the start of someone’s journey with the brand.

Brexit is coming, and while uncertainty remains, the smartest move travel companies can make is to address the issues head on and be bold in reassuring customers. Make your content personal, put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and address any fears or questions you know your customers might have.

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