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In Conversation with David Capablanca: Pro-Trader on the Chronicles for Trading Success

Step into the fast-paced world of stock trading, where fortunes can be made or lost in the blink of an eye. Meet David Capablanca, a trading expert with an astonishing 90% win rate in short selling. He managed to transform a modest $29k investment into an astounding $800k in just three years.

The excitement is undeniable, but so is the worry. The stock market has the power to create and obliterate wealth in an instant. The pillars that uphold a trader, ensuring they stand strong amidst the market’s turbulence, are knowledge, a composed mind, and emotional stability.

Originally, David’s journey began on a different path. A UCLA architecture master’s graduate, he initially drafted blueprints for buildings, not stock charts. However, his fascination with stock trading proved irresistible, prompting him to transition from architecture to trading. Despite his newcomer status, David turned the $29k capital in 2020 into a jaw-dropping $800k in three short years. His insatiable thirst for knowledge and unwavering motivation fueled his extraordinary transformation.

According to TraderSync, his current win ratio is at a remarkable 94.91%, based on monthly brokerage statements from February 2021 to April 2023. David’s achievements have graced the pages of prestigious publications like Business Insider and the Miami Herald. He’s the driving force behind the Conscious Trading Academy, a mentorship program for aspiring traders. Notably, he clinched the Nasdaq 2022 DAS Trader Trading Competition.

Currently, David hosts “The Friendly Bear” podcast, featuring interviews with some of the world’s best traders and providing valuable trading insights to listeners. We sat down with David for an exclusive conversation and got his insider’s view into the world of short selling and trading:

Q: Hi, David, thank you for your time. As an accomplished trader, what attributes do you consider most important for success in trading?

A: Hi, thanks for having me here. That’s a great question. I believe the most critical assets a trader can have are knowledge and emotional stability.

Before entering the market, one must have a firm grasp of market trends, technical analysis, and risk management. Equally important is preparing your mental capital, apart from your financial capital. During my journey, I’ve held tight to my values and principles; I always strived for personal growth to become the best version of myself for trading success. I also believe that strong character traits and ethics are essential, especially in light of the flawed perception many hold about short selling.

Q: Can you elaborate on what exactly you mean by mental capital for traders?

A: Trading is all about behaviors you make that can affect your ability to make trading decisions. You always want to be making the best decisions, so that means being completely focused on executing what you planned out. We only have a certain amount of bandwidth our minds can have to make decisions, so we need to always be aware of where we are focusing our mental capital. Mental capital needs to be allocated towards things that help our trading performance, which aligns with things that improve our lives and improve as a person as well. At Conscious Trading Academy we go over this in detail.

Q: Short selling is often perceived as a high-risk venture, yet your win rate exceeds 90%. Could you share some insights into your success?

A: One of the keys to my success in short selling is risk avoidance through careful research. I dedicate my resources to analyzing a stock’s potential before making any trade. Here are a few tips to ensure success in short selling:

Check the news to find out what triggered the rally.

  • Avoid stocks with small floats.
  • Avoid stocks with a market cap above $250 million.
  • Avoid stocks that have over 40% institutional ownership.
  • Do not go for stocks below $2.

Q: One last question, what’s your advice to aspiring traders out there?

A: Hang in there! Persistence is imperative in trading. Don’t get discouraged if things don’t happen right away. Don’t give up, and remember why you got into trading in the first place. Remember your “why.” Stay patient; Real success takes time. Rome was not built in a day! As long as you keep learning and applying your knowledge, success will follow.

Thank you for sharing your insights, David; I am certain many people will benefit from them. David Capablanca is now synonymous with trading success. His ongoing efforts and accomplishments have significantly contributed to reshaping the short-selling industry’s tarnished reputation.

If you aspire to become a short seller but need guidance on where to begin, David’s podcasts offer expert advice. Alternatively, consider enrolling in the Conscious Trading Academy to equip yourself with the skills needed for success.

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