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Crisis Averted: Broadstairs Consulting Helps Leaders Disagree Well

Diverse workplaces are much to be praised but when people of different backgrounds come together, it is inevitable that disagreements and misunderstandings arise. The way these conflicts are handled can make or break a company’s culture and arguably its reputation too. A single day of mediation spent addressing workplace conflict can save up to £25K for small organizations. Imagine the potential impact of Leah Brown FRSA’s early interventionist approach through Broadstairs Consulting and Thanet Mediation Centre.

Leah (Founder & CEO) is a qualified M&A lawyer who frequently is tasked with finding skeletons in businesses. She knows how much harder it is to fix a broken system than to intervene and mitigate before the system breaks down completely. By addressing risk and implementing compliant solutions early on, a company is much more likely to weather a crisis well and avoid potential legal issues that monopolize management time and finances.

The general consensus is that mediation is underused in businesses – only 23% of employers use internal mediation to manage conflict in the modern workplace (CIPD). The fact remains that some problems cannot be solved by the people directly involved in it. Using a neutral third party not only offers a non-biased perspective but creates safety for all participants and widens the art of the possible.

Broadstairs Consulting offers mediation and facilitation in crisis situations where relationships or trust has broken down in businesses. Mediation is a flexible process-driven approach that can be used in various settings but is particularly useful for managing the aftermath of management exits or repairing team dynamics after internal or third-party relationships have tested the resilience of management.

There seems to be something about helping leaders disagree well that underpins Broadstairs Consulting’s approach. With the aim of helping leaders and organizations thrive and flourish, the team uses mediation to solve relational problems, promoting mutual understanding, and cooperation, and highlighting the path to the attainment of business-critical objectives.

For leaders to disagree well in a manner that helps them move forward, people must first be separated from the problem. By giving people agency a voice to express themselves – in an outcome-focused environment, mediation can have untold benefits including transforming culture and reconciling broken relationships.

If your organization is experiencing a tumultuous time and workplace mediation could help you move things forward, reach out to Broadstairs Consulting to see how they can help.

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