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A Comprehensive Guide On the Best Inverters in Your Budget

Power outages and load shedding are common in India, especially during the summer season. And to deal with these issues the Indian households usually depend on home UPS inverters that provide the required power backup. However, the load requirement varies across different households, and therefore, the choice of the inverter would also vary from one household to another. If you, too, are looking to buy an inverter for your home, here are some of the best inverters that you can choose from. These inverters come from Luminous India and vary based on their capacity, technology, load requirement, home inverter prices, and other such factors.

Eco Watt Neo 900

If you are looking for an inverter that gives great performance and still consumes very little energy then you should consider buying the Eco Watt Neo 900. It is one of the most affordable and popular inverters from Luminous India. The inverter’s performance can be credited to its advanced microprocessor and FSW transformer. Here are some of its other exclusive features.

Triple Stage Charging

The Eco Watt Neo 900 allows 3-stage smart charging that ensures safe and efficient charging. It also helps increase the longevity of the battery.

Fast Charging

Ideal for areas with long and frequent power cuts so that the battery is quickly charging between two consequent power cuts.

Supports all Battery Types

Whether you want to install a flat plate battery, a tubular battery, or an SMF, the Eco Watt Neo 900 supports all types of batteries.


Range NameEco Watt Neo 900
Max Charging Current (in Amperes)14
Net weight (kg.)7.9
No. of batteries supported1 Battery (12 Volt)
VA Rating800
TechnologySquare wave
Warranty24 Months
Dimensions (L*B*H)26.1*27.5*12.4 cm
Contents of Pack1 N Inverter, 1 N Warranty card

Zelio WiFi 1100

The Zelio WiFi 1100 is India’s most intelligent inverter available at one of the most affordable prices. If you live in an area where there are frequent power cuts then this is one of the best inverters for you. The inverter is powered by a 32-bit processor that not only helps provide optimal charging but it also helps calculate the charging levels and the available backup time. Here are some of the most outstanding features of this inverter

WiFi Enabled

This Zelio WiFi 1100 is WiFi-enabled and you can monitor it remotely using a smartphone.

Intelligent Inverter

It has an adaptive learning capability that allows optimal charging of batteries and backup and charging time calculation.

ECO & UPS mode

Depending upon your power requirement you can switch between UPS mode and ECO mode. While the UPS mode is used during the normal scenarios, you can switch to ECO mode when there’s a low power requirement.

Easy Bypass Switch

The Bypass switch allows bypassing of the UPS and directly connects the MAINS to the local grid in case there’s any fault in the UPS. And the good thing is that the switch from UPS to the grid does not require any wiring changes.


Range NameZelio
Max Charging Current (in Amperes)15
Net weight (kg.)10 kg
No. of batteries supported1 Battery (12 Volt)
VA Rating900 VA
TechnologySine wave
Warranty24 Months
Dimensions (L*B*H)27.5×24.8×12 CM
Contents of Pack1 N Inverter, 1 N Manual

Optimus 1250

The Optimus 1250 is a feature-rich inverter from Luminous. What sets it apart from other inverters is its unique voltage control feature that allows users to choose between better performance and higher backup. It uses the sine wave technology that ensures higher efficiency and noiseless operation. Also, the inverter comes with a bypass switch that bypasses the inverter and directly connects the MAINS to the grid in case of any issue with the inverter.

State of Art LCD display

The Optimus 1250 comes with a smart LCD display that displays 8 real-time performance parameters such as charging time, ECO/UPS Mode, backup time, fault indications, and more.

Super Fast Charging

The inverter provides a maximum charging current of 18Amperes to ensure super-fast battery charging and is therefore ideal for areas with long and frequent power outages.

Compatible with all Battery Types

The Optimus range of inverters support all types of batteries, be it a flat plate battery, a tubular battery, or an SMF battery (80Ah – 220Ah)


Range NameOptimus 1250
Max Charging Current (in Amperes)18
Net weight (kg.)11.4
No. of batteries supported1 Battery (12 Volt)
VA Rating1100VA
TechnologySine wave
Warranty24 Months
Dimensions (L*B*H)30X27.5X13.9 (All in Cm)
Contents of Pack1 N Inverter, 1 N Warranty cards

Regalia 1550

The Regalia 1550 is one of India’s first wall-mounted inverter series Regalia. Unlike the traditional inverters that can usually be found in some corner of a home, the Regalia 1550 is an aesthetically designed inverter that you would love to flaunt. And the best part is that the inverter comes with an in-built Li-Ion Battery that is 15% more efficient than a lead-acid battery.

ECO & UPS mode

Depending on their usage, users can switch between UPS Mode and ECO Mode. When the usage is low the preferred mode is ECO Mode and when the usage is high one can shift to UPS Mode.

Three Times Fast Charging

The inbuilt Li-Ion battery charger not only charges three times faster as compared to a normal lead-acid battery, but it also comes with a three times longer life.

Low Maintenance

The environmentally safe Li-Ion Batteries are virtually maintenance-free. They are completely sealed and can last up to 10 years with almost little to no maintenance.


Range NameHome UPS Regalia 1550
Max Charging Current (in Amperes)Depends on Integrated Battery Pack
Net weight (kg.)60
No. of batteries supported1 Battery (48 Volt)
VA Rating1500 VA
TechnologySine wave
Warranty“24 Months on electronics, 60 Months on Li-Ion battery
Dimensions (L*B*H)19.5x46x74 cm
Contents of Pack1 N Inverter, 1 N Li-ion Battery, 1 N Manual, 1N Installation Kit

Time to take the plunge

Now that you know the best inverters in different price ranges, it’s time that you get home one of these inverters based on your load requirement and budget. And in case you want to check out the complete range of inverters from Luminous India then click here.

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