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Can You Use PEMF If You Have Metal In Your Body?

Orthopedic surgeries mostly make use of metallic implants. These are made of metals and alloys that a human body can tolerate for years. However, these implants evoke a foreign body reaction. Metallic implants can produce four types of reactions in the neighboring cells.

  1. The mechanical or physical reaction
  2. Chemical or electro-chemical irritation
  3. Oligodynamic effect
  4. Carcinogenic effect

Patients who have undergone hips or knees replacement using fabricated metal parts may safely receive PEMF applications to facilitate the body’s adaptability to these bits of metal.

Implants Are Not Always Perfect

Replacing body parts with metallic bits come with a price. It could be ill-fitting, loosening, or faulty adjustment that may require revisions. The body’s reactions to foreign bodies manifest in the form of pain and inflammation. Besides, there could be a breakdown of bone around the implant and bone damage. In some cases, the bone and the adjacent soft tissue may have poor natural healing capacity. Inflammation produces enzymes that further deteriorate tissue at the site of the bone implant.

What Can PEMF Do?

Electromagnetic field application has been effective for improving bone mass and fighting harmful inflammation. Besides, it stimulates circulation and boosts the body’s repair processes. That is why it can work in conjunction with joint replacements for better results. Studies prove that patients who received PEMF treatments after bone implants showed a marked improvement in bone restoration after surgery.

Joint implants need to be redone after 10 to 15 years. The redone procedures are more complicated with a greater danger of breakdown. Non-invasive treatment such as pulsed therapy improves bone formation and endogenous bone repair and reduces inflammation in the surrounding area.

PEMF Helps in the Integration Of Implant Material With Bone

Usually, the implants are prepared with titanium, steel, and ceramic material. The therapy, when applied locally, enhances the integration of these materials with bone and the natural environment of the body. Sometimes, long bones like femur bones require implanting nails or rods into the bone marrow. PEMF helped these integrate with bone to stabilize these. Visit Healthylineoutlet to find appropriate pads, mats, and heated pillows to help with implants.

PEMF for Loosened Prostheses

Treating loosened prostheses is an important aspect of joint replacement treatment to reduce the need for revisions. When applied just after the implant, it can gradually reduce pain and discomfort. Loosening is common in hip replacements. Pulsed therapy is effective in improving conditions due to loose hip replacement. However, patients with gross loosening might not benefit from the therapy.

PEMF for Bone Cells Proliferation

The healing process begins when bone cells proliferate. Next, these cells mature and start depositing minerals. Bone implants cause inflammation, thus delaying bone repair. Adding minerals to the injured cells is essential to deal with inflammation. PEMF exposure leads to increased nitric oxide production, which enables the cells to develop their protective mechanism. It increases cell growth, viability, and collagen production. Moreover, increased collagen synthesis helps in improved mineral deposition and bone repair.

What Are The Contraindications For Using A PEMF Device?

  • Pregnant ladies
  • Patients with a pacemaker, cochlear implant, or defibrillator
  • Patients expecting surgery within 36 hours after the last application of electromagnetic exposure
  • People with recent surgeries should avoid high intensities
  • Patients on chemotherapy


In short, it is safe to use PEMF when you have metal in your body. It is an effective way to improve implant longevity and bone healing. Also, the therapy helps in the integration and coordination of your body with the implant by preventing the body’s responses to foreign agents.

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