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Black Apple AirPods in Black are Available Now, But From a Third-Party



Some programmers wear black, yet some demand going dark. You also can separate yourself from the majority of mindless followers individuals wearing the plain white Apple AirPods wireless earphones. A site called BlackPods – not the slightest bit partnered with Apple offers painted variants of the prevalent in-ear remote earphones.

For $279 it’ll offer you the standard “exemplary” form in a polished complete (above) or a compliment glossy silk complete for a cool $299. Both incorporate the trademark AirPod case in a similar shading.

Pricing of The Apple AirPods:

Black-Air-Pods additionally offers a custom painting administration for $99. Send in your white AirPods and it’ll turn them dark.

Apple’s standard white AirPods go for $159 and aren’t (yet) accessible in some other shading. They’re still delay purchased for a month and a half at yet Best Buy is shipping them sooner. The ship time for a couple of BlackPods is two weeks.