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Ideas for Babysitter Activities When You Have A School-Aged Child

The majority of parents will need a babysitter at some point. There are a variety of reasons why they may be necessary, such as work commitments or the need for a night off. Whatever the reason, it can be difficult choosing a babysitter.

That’s why it’s generally recommended you choose a reputable business providing babysitting services Sydney. At the least you’ll know that you are getting a qualified and checked babysitter, giving you some peace of mind. Of course, this won’t stop you, your child, or even the babysitter from being anxious. That’s why it can pay to have activities ready. If you plan carefully you can even get your child to look forward to babysitting.

Here are some great things a babysitter can do with a child:


Most children have a favorite game or two, this makes playing games an obvious starting point. But, the beauty of this is that a babysitter can make sure the child will enjoy it. All they have to do is ask you which games your child loves playing and which ones they hate playing. They can then suggest this game to the child and create a great impression while keeping them amused.

Birthday Lists

Children get very excited about birthdays and Christmas. If either of these is near then help the child make a list. You can get catalogs and they can cut and glue pictures of what they want onto a piece of paper. This makes it more fun and it will last longer than simply writing a list.

Treasure Hunts

This is always a big hit with children, especially if there is a prize involved. All you have to do is hide various objects and tell them to find them. All they need is a bag and to know how many things are hidden. Older children can go a step further and have to solve clues as they work their way around the map.

Hide & Seek

You may be surprised at how many teenagers like playing this game! The rules are simple and, once you’ve defined the area that children can hide in, it is simply a case of hiding while someone finds the other.

Craft Work

What could be more fun for children than making a mess? All you have to do is cover the table in a protective sheet and let the child go wild making things from paper or decorating them with paint and glitter. You can get involved too which always makes it more fun for the child.

Ask Them

You may be in charge of looking after the child but that doesn’t mean they can’t make suggestions. They are likely to be easier to please if they suggest an activity and you do it. Of course, it has to be deemed safe for them to undertake. But, whether they want you to read them a book or create an assault course in the garden, you can be certain that they’ll love it.

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