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7 Reasons Why You Should Outsource B2B Lead Generation

Considering outsourcing a B2B telemarketing lead generation marketing campaign has always been a question for many companies. Some believe that lead generation is best done in-house because their employees are already familiar with their products and services hence can better represent their service to key decision-makers. Others believe that lead generation is best outsourced rather than using in-house staff because call center agencies have more skills and expertise in using this strategy.

While there may be opposing claims regarding outsourcing, the reality about lead generation remains- it’s crucial for elevating sales and business survival. Lead generation is the process of engaging consumers, capturing their interests, and nurturing them until they are ready to purchase. The primary goal of lead generation is to generate leads for businesses which is vital in keeping the sales pipeline full. Executing an efficient lead generation campaign is not an easy task. Research showed that 68% of companies struggle with lead generation, while 61% think that lead generation is their biggest challenge. Nevertheless, lead generation remains a top priority, with 91% of marketers saying that lead generation is their most important goal.

B2B telemarketing lead generation may continue to be a significant struggle for companies, but it’s not impossible to achieve fantastic results, especially when using specialists or experts in the field. While generating leads can also be done in-house, recent studies showed that outsourcing lead generation generates 43% better results than in-house implementation. With this, here are other reasons why outsourcing lead generation is a better move and a more intelligent choice:

1. Finds the right people for your business

It’s easy to pick up the phone and talk to various people, but it takes real skill and the right blend of research to speak with key decision-makers. B2B telemarketing lead generation companies have the resources to look for the key decision-makers in the field, such as updated databases with thousands of contacts. They also conduct necessary research and build your buyer persona first before calling them to make sure that they are targeting the ideal targets for your products and services. Outsourcing telemarketing lead generation can guarantee that all of your calls are highly targeted and not just directed to a random audience.

2. B2B lead generation telemarketing increases brand recognition

Every call of lead generation experts also gives a chance to market your products; this helps in improving brand recognition and familiarity. Outbound lead generation experts have the necessary skills to deliver your brand effectively to decision-makers. They can get your messages to your ideal target audience and, in a way, “advertise” your products consistently to various people. While not all calls will convert into sales, the high volume of calls made will help get your brand noticed and exposed in the market, increasing brand recognition and awareness, which will be a source of competitive advantage and better brand positioning for your company.

3. B2B telemarketing lead generation is within your control

Unlike other marketing strategies such as social media, website design, and different kinds of digital ads in which you have no control over, outbound lead generation allows you to improve your campaign along the way consistently. Outsourcing lead generation experts means that you’ll receive daily call reports on how many calls were made per day. They will also provide you with a username and password to their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to provide 100% transparency and see how many leads were generated and the total number of leads to date. Having such reports on hand will give you an idea of whether your current strategy regiment is working or adjustments are needed. The beauty of telemarketing lead generation is you have control over your campaign, and you can advance your strategy to improve the quality of your leads.

4. B2B sales lead generation expands your market reach

Aside from merely targeting your ideal audience, outbound lead generation experts also have the expertise to expose your brand to new markets. They can take the lead in expanding your target reach to new demographics and geographic locations. They can also offer your company valuable insights into where you can market your products or services to generate more leads and open doors for new business opportunities.

5. Outsourcing is more convenient and cost-effective

From an outsider’s perspective, conducting lead generation in-house seems cheaper because you can maximize your current resources and staff to get the job done. While that might be true to a certain degree, you are also obliged to shed out a budget to acquire necessary technology solutions, train your staff and monitor their performance, which requires significant efforts too. However, suppose you prefer to partner with lead generation agencies, in that case, you don’t have to worry because these agencies are already equipped with the technology designed for lead generation campaigns. They also have experienced and skilled staff to produce high-quality leads, thereby making it more cost-effective than creating your own in-house.

6. B2B lead generation company has proven methodology for lead generation

Lead generation companies undoubtedly have a proven and well-laid out methodology in executing lead generation campaigns. From finding prospects, setting up an email list, calling key decision-makers, capturing leads, and making a sales funnel- they already have established and tested ways and tactics on how best to execute these processes.

7. Outsourcing improves productivity and efficiency

Lead generation agencies have all the expertise and skills you need for your lead generation campaign. Partnering with them guarantees that their only focus is to keep your call volumes high and generate high-quality leads for your business. Therefore, your in-house sales teams no longer need to worry about that aspect of your business; they can now focus on things that they do best such as creating well-tailored sales pitches and closing sales.

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