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5 Vaping Trends to Expect in the Next Few Years

The vaping industry is continuing to beat the odds. Policymakers are strictly regulating them as medical professionals are asking for even harsher laws. Parents are doing what they feel is best for their kids and echoing the sentiments of the critics. Amidst all the resistance and controversies, the vape industry is still standing.

It is fair to argue that vaping is here to stay. With the increasing demand and the developing technology in the industry, it could get even bigger. Here is a look at the current trends in vaping that could propel the industry well into the future.

Smaller Vaping Mods

Manufacturers have come up with vaping devices that look like highlighter pens and flash drives. It is a welcome improvement from the days when e-cigarettes looked much like a traditional cigarette. It also made the devices less conspicuous, which the younger adults appreciate.

With the continuous developments in technology, you could expect these devices to become smaller, especially the mods. Manufacturers will find ways to pack more power in a smaller device. It is a common trend for most electronic devices, which is what a mod essentially is.

More Flavors

The industry is attracting younger and younger vapers, and part of the reason is flavoured e-cigarettes. Aside from enjoying the flavours themselves, younger vapers are attracted to the idea of having more options to choose from. With this, more e-cigarette flavours can be expected from the vaping industry. This is despite the recent scare of some flavours being pulled from the market.

Vaping Device With a Tracking Chip

In an effort to prevent unregistered vendors from selling to minors, the vaping industry is coming up with a tracking chip for vaping devices. This chip will make it easier for authorities to crack down on the illegal sale of vape products, which is a concern for parents and the vaping industry as well.

If or when it becomes operational, a buyer will be asked to present his or her ID. This ID will be scanned into the chip for identification. The process will discourage vendors from supplying someone who is underage.

Smart Vaping Devices

Some vaping brands are going all out to attract more buyers, integrating a Bluetooth connection into their vaping devices. The added feature enables the vapers to remotely check the status of their device and give other commands using their smartphones. It comes at a price but is well received by enthusiasts. As technology continues to improve the design, manufacturers will make it more affordable and even find more applications for the concept.

Even More Regulations

The vaping industry has faced much resistance in the past. Things have not changed at present, and more can be expected in the future. The good news for vape enthusiasts is that the industry has shown resilience and endured all these challenges. With more efforts to make the product attractive and, at the same time, safe things will continue to look up.


Fair or not, vaping is attracting national attention even as tobacco products remain freely available. But the vaping industry is showing no signs of slowing down. A vaping mod with all the bells and whistles remains a hot commodity in e-cigarette stores all over the world. As the industry finds more ways to make vaping more enticing, more people will be tempted to try it out. Finding more evidence that vaping is safe, or at least safer than cigarettes, would make it even more popular.

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