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5 Things to Consider Before Joining Caribbean Medical School

Being a physician is among the most prolific and respected job roles in the world. The job offers everything from recognition to financial stability and the current pandemic has placed all the more emphasis on the medical sector. Despite all this, there is a shortage of medical professionals in the world and as per the Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC), the shortage is in vast numbers, ranging between 54,100 and 139,000.

This is all the more reason for students to turn towards the medical profession and start by seeking out a good medical school. Since each med school requirements differ, it is best to start your research early. If you are keen, you can also consider joining a Caribbean medical school that offers affordable and quality education.

There are various favorable factors that you must consider before sending out your application to a Caribbean medical school. Some of these pointers are listed below:

1. Easier Admission Procedure

Each year many applicants who dream of becoming a doctor are unable to meet the stringent admission requirements. In 2019, only 40.9% of applicants made it to a medical school in the U.S.A. because of MCAT or GPA grades that didn’t meet the required expectations. Some got rejected because they lacked medical-focused experience.

The Caribbean medical schools, on the other hand, put emphasis on a holistic overview rather than solely being focused on MCAT or GPA. So, deserving students with sound academic records find it easier to get admission in the Caribbean.

2. Accredited Medical School

The Caribbean island is home to some highly recognized and accredited medical schools that have produced many qualified doctors. Studying in an accredited medical school is important as only medical degrees that are globally recognized and meet the required standards are of value. So, be careful about picking the right medical school in the Caribbean and apply to only those that are accredited.

3. Residency Match

A residency match is crucial for all aspiring doctors because this is where your training begins. During residency, students get to work in a hospital and continue their training in a specialized field. Medical schools that are able to provide high residency placement are preferred by students.

Some accredited and recognized medical schools in the Caribbean have a high residency placement rate. This means that they are able to give their students the required education and training needed to be accepted for residency programs.

4. Learning Environment

A conducive learning environment is highly important for medical students and therefore they must pick a medical school that offers them the right support. Caribbean medical schools meet this requirement as they have an impressive faculty that comprises experts who guide students at every step of the way. Along with this a small class size and added emphasis on individual attention only adds to the overall quality of learning.

5. Life on the Island

One of the greatest perks of studying in the Caribbean is that you get to live on a beautiful island. The place offers amazing natural beauty, vibrant culture, and also a plethora of recreational activities for everyone. If you like adventure, then you can deep dive into the sea or can simply go for a quaint walk in nature. For medical students, this is a great way to beat stress and keep themselves physically fit.

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