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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Becoming a Social Worker

Are you in the process of considering what to study in college? If you are empathetic, love working with people, and truly want to make a difference in others’ lives, you might be thinking about working towards a career in social work. Therefore, in this guide, we look at first how you can become a social worker before moving onto 4 reasons why you should.

How to Become a Social Worker

Wondering how to become a social worker in Wisconsin? Delhi? London? Or anywhere in the world, for that matter? The best way is to study a Bachelor of Social Work at an accredited institution. It will take you around four years to complete and will usually include some form of an internship. Be sure to conduct plenty of research should you decide that social work is for you.

A Career in Social Work is Fulfilling

There are few other careers that are as emotionally and spiritually fulfilling as a career in social work. This is because you are literally changing the world for the better one life at a time. Every single day will revolve around helping others face and solve the various challenges with which they are faced. You will touch on key social justice issues, such as inequality and poverty, and use your knowledge, kindness, and expertise to right the many wrongs that tend to plague society.

There are Many Job Prospects

There are several different types of jobs available within the realm of social work. The three categories of social work are micro, mezzo, and macro. Social workers in the micro category work directly with individuals, while mezzo social workers help small groups of people or smaller communities. Macro social workers, on the other hand, typically address social issues that affect a larger number of people.

Along with the different types of social work and various roles thereof, social workers also have the opportunity to work practically anywhere in the world. Their skills are highly sought-after, so they will enjoy the chance to travel around the globe and continue earning money should they wish.

It is a Versatile Vocation

Some people are under the impression that social workers only work for the government. This, however, isn’t true. Social workers can take on a variety of other roles if they decide that they want to work independently from the government. For example, many social workers will transition mid-way in their career to become community health advocates, special needs educators, therapists, and more.

You will Work Closely with People

Most social workers love to work with others and spend their lives trying to improve the lives of others. Depending on the route that you choose to follow, you will work with all kinds of people from all walks of life. You may work with children in need or with the elderly. Some social workers focus on helping victims of domestic abuse, while others work with students at school. Regardless of what your job entails, you will have plenty of opportunities to connect with others and leave your mark.

Best of luck on this exciting professional journey!

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