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An Update in GTA 5 adds New Cars, Modes & More For US Independence Day

With the Independence Day occasion around the bend in the United States Rockstar is celebrating with the normal rewards for Grand Theft Auto V. Be that as it may these rewards additionally come as a component of a more extensive refresh that likewise includes more.

GTA Online includes another Adversary mode called Dawn Raid. This is a 6v6 mode with restricted light where groups parachute into a region and search out a transmitter that has been covered up. Once a group discovers it, they at that point need to convey it to another range to clear. Players use night-and warm vision goggles to discover their way around and manage adversary players, while the Trackify application is utilized to find the right bundle concealing the transmitter. Rockstar notes you’ll likewise be “equipped with every kind of weaponry” so there ought to be the open door for some genuine firefights all through the majority of this, as well. From now through July 10, Dawn Raid offers twofold GTA$ and RP rewards.

That cash would then be able to be put to use to get a recently included vehicle. Dewbauchee now offers the Vagner through Legendary Motorsport this is envisioned in the display above and is depicted as “the supercar of tomorrow”.

Additionally through July 10, an Independence Day-themed occasion is on. You’ll have the capacity to get your hands on firecracker launchers, the Liberator creature truck, Western Sovereign (a cruiser with a USA hail paint work) and unspecified “exemplary outfits”. All these can be bought at 25% off their normal costs. New increases this year for the occasion incorporate enthusiastic uniforms for the Mobile Operation Center and Mk 11 weaponry.

Furthermore, signing in before July 10 will net both of you free in-amusement shirts. These are the Rockstar Noise shirts that were as of late presented through the Rockstar Warehouse.

About rebates, they’re revolved around yachts. Here’s the full rundown of arrangements:

The Pisces: 25% off

The Orion: 30% off

The Aquarius: 35% off

Yacht Modifications: half off

All Watercraft on Docktease: 25% off

Crafty Stunts Clothing and Tattoos: 25% off

At last, the forthcoming Premium Race and time trial occasions have been illustrated. As usual, the time trials offer enormous prizes for beating the goal time, with Premium Races offering triple RP, and also huge GTA$ payouts for the main three finishers.

June 30 – July 3:

Premium Race: “Spinner” (bolted to Super)

Time Trial: “Fortification Zancudo”

July 4 – 10:

Premium Special Vehicle Race: “Climate” (bolted to Rocket Voltic)

Time Trial: “Tempest Drain”

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