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Latest Marvel’s Game Lets You Play as Hulk and Rocket Raccoon



Marvel Powers United VR is another virtual reality extend in progress for Oculus VR. Uncovered amid a D23 work gaming board, the trailer begins off with on-screen characters professing to play the amusement before transitioning into genuine gameplay. You can look at it above.

The diversion is as a rule together created by Marvel, Sanzaru and Oculus Studios. Three playable characters were uncovered, and the amusement bolsters three-player concurrent center. The pooch like Lockjaw was summoned close to the end, which implies there’ll likely be other Inhuman cameos,yet.

Here Are The Characters of Marvel We Know:
  • Hulk – A skirmish centered contender.
  • Rocket Raccoon – A double using shooter character.
  • Captain Marvel – Looks to merge both scuffle and went components.

PR for the diversion expressed that it will have, “more than twelve playable characters tore from the pages of your most loved funnies.” The Oculus-restrictive amusement does not at present have a discharge date, but rather we’ll have hands-on impressions of the title soon.