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Types of T-Shirts and Their Names

Before we straight-forwardly get into the ‘types of t-shirts and their names’, we wanted to ask you a couple of questions. Do you like wearing tees? If so, how many times a week do you wear them? And if you are to wear them every single day, aren’t you curious enough to know something unique or something extra about t-shirts that others don’t know?

Well, presuming that your answer is a ‘Yes’, here are some facts about t-shirts, like their history, when people began using them, what was their name earlier, why it’s a part of fast fashion, how many types existed earlier and now, etc.

History of T-Shirts:

In the 19th century, t-shirts were used as undershirts. Sailors and farmers wore them under their uniforms. Later, after the Second World War, people began using them as regular garments that covered the first half of their bodies up to their waist. Today, in the 21st century, it has become the most favorite apparel for casual occasions by both men and women.

Over time, the usage might have changed from an undershirt into a shirt, but the name ‘t-shirt’ remains the same. The garment was given this name because it resembles the letter ‘T’ from top to bottom. Some people call it a ‘tee’ or ‘tees’. However, a traditional t-shirt will have a short sleeve, not have a collar, have a round neck (now called a crew neck), and be made up of an expandable material or a fabric that is easy to wash. Above all, be comfortable to wear.

T-shirts & Fast Fashion:

Fast fashion is a great business that immediately replicates the recent fashion trends and those that are in vogue. Most fast fashion apparel is mass-produced at a low cost so that the products reach people sooner and, as well, people can afford them.

Undoubtedly, t-shirts play a huge role in this fast-fashion industry. People prefer to buy recent and trendy T-shirts as quickly as possible and would love to flaunt them. Thus, these tees contribute a huge share to the fast fashion industry. Tirupur T shirts are one of the best sellers in this category. They are distributed from the Tirupur district, the textile city of India.

So, by now, you might have learned something new about t-shirts. Now, let’s jump into the types of t-shirts.

Broad Types of T-shirts & Their Unique Names:

The first major category that classifies the tees is t-shirt necklines. The names are quite interesting and are given based on the shape of the respective necklines.

  1. Crewneck: These are traditional t-shirts with a round neck, without a collar, and mostly short sleeves. It was named Crewneck after the history wherein sailors and military people wore them in those days.
  2. V-neck: The neckline of this t-shirt is V-shaped and does not have a collar. The sleeve depends on the style of the tee.
  3. Turtle neck: These turtle necklines have been in use since the 15th century (before the inception of t-shirts). Though it was worn with some purpose earlier, today it has become a fashion statement.
  4. Henley-Y neck: This unique name was provided after the rowers of an English town named “Henley-on-the-Thames” who wore these tees as their uniforms.
  5. Polo: Unlike the previous types, these T-shirts have collars. These were named after polo players who wore them in the 1850s.
  6. Scoop neck: As the name implies, this type of t-shirt has a deeper neck in the front than in the back. When used as undergarments, this deep neck was easily hidden under the shirts.
  7. Yoke neck: This tee has a separate yoke portion on the garment. The yoke is embroidered in most cases. Hence, women choose to wear them.
  8. Mock neck: This neckline is similar to a turtleneck tee but cannot be folded. Specifically, the collar is raised above a regular tee and shorter than a turtleneck tee.

The second major category that divides the tees is their sleeves. Yeah, there are a handful of t-shirt types based on the sleeve type and their length.

  1. Raglan: Fitzroy Somerset was the British military secretary in 1815. He got the name ‘the first Baron Raglan of Raglan’ after he fought many battles with his one arm. This t-shirt with a cross seam for arms evolved when tailors designed tees for him.
  2. Sleeveless: Have no thoughts; these are simple t-shirts without sleeves.
  3. Cap sleeves: The cap-like extension of the sleeve from the shoulders that does not completely cover the underarms is called the cap sleeve. These t-shirts are definitely fashion pieces.
  4. Half-length: The tees that have half-length sleeves fall under this type. This type has been in existence for decades and is called typical t-shirts.
  5. Full-length: The tees that have full-length sleeves fall under this type. These are preferred as thermal wear by most people.
  6. Three-fourth-length: The tees that have three-fourth-length sleeves and that cover three-quarters of the arm fall under this type.

The third category that classifies the tees is their style. These styles are unique and different from the neckline styles. And the names are more or less apparent and require no specific expertise.

  1. Plain: The t-shirts will be plain and in solid colors without any design or pattern on them.
  2. Pocket: These tees will have a pocket on the left chest. The pocket style is flap-type.
  3. Hooded: The collar extends as a hoodie and is also referred to as a sweatshirt lately.
  4. Graphic: A tee with graphic design printed on it.
  5. Printed: A quote, dialogue, or any sort of message is printed on them.
  6. Oversized: A tee that’s in vogue and is oversized than the actual size of the person.
  7. Tank tops: These are sleeveless, deep v-neck kinds of tees worn by sports or fitness enthusiasts.
  8. Jersey or Athletic: Purely an athletic t-shirt with comfortable seams, stretch, and water-absorbing characteristics.

The last category in types of t-shirts is their fitness.

  1. Slim fit: Tailored in a trimming fit to the body silhouette.
  2. Baggy Style: Tailored in an extremely loose fit.
  3. Muscle fit: Tailored in such a way that highlights your built-up muscles.

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