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Stylish Ideas And Tips For Trendy Nerd Look

Everybody wants to look trendy and cool. But when it comes to dressing and adorning, everyone has style and trends of their own. For instance, some want to look uber chic by opting for the latest attires, while a few go for decent and formal wear. There was also a time when having a nerdy look was embarrassing. And such people often get bullied because of having this look.

But now the time has changed as well as the fashion trends. Today, having a nerdy appearance is so in vogue. And you have so many options that you can add. To make your nerd look more attractive and appealing. Either you are a girl or a boy, several tips are available regarding accessories, hair, and dressing.

That will give you a perfect on-point geek look. Like, by only wearing a bow tie with your collar or sweater shirt can help you in achieving this look effortlessly.

Well, there are no such specific rules and regulations to get such a nerdy look. You can also opt for a plain waistcoat on a formal shirt. On the other hand, girls can go for knee-high socks with a top bun for chic nerd appearances.

Whenever we talk about the nerd look, one thing that never fails to impress is spectacles. For girls, a mini dress with a pair of stylish glasses looks super sexy. It can surely turn the heads at the party. So are you still confused? If yes, then give this article a must-read. We are going to share some exciting yet stylish tips. The ideas that will help you to pull off this nerdy look boldly and confidently.

Tips To Pull Off Preppy Nerdy Look:

If it comes to dressing up like a nerd, people usually play with the glasses only. But there is much more that you can do to make your nerd look more trendy, hip, and crisp. Some contemporary wardrobe, along with the loafers, looks super classy. Let’s discuss the ideas in detail.

1. Fashionable Opticals:

There is no doubt that a nerd look is incomplete without a good pair of glasses. A wide range of such optical is there in the market, available in various designs and colors. It does not matter if you have vision issues or not. One can opt for them to look undoubtedly stylish. A pair of funky glasses will add more charm to your overall look from head to toe. A tortoise framed or rimless glasses, both look exceptionally classic.

2. Penny Loafers:

It is not just about the perfect glasses. A super cool nerd look can be achieved by wearing penny loafers on denim with a formal collar shirt. These men’s loafers look extremely hot on women and girls as well. You can also wear them on a mini skirt with a warm sweater on it. That will complement your trendy nerd look.

3. A Classic Bow Tie:

Well, there is no doubt that perfect apparel can add charm and glow to your personality. So, hey girls, now you can rock your geek look with a vintage bow tie shirt. That you can pair with any of your favorite bottoms or sassy denim shorts, if you want to make it a bit casual, then wear a denim jacket or an upper over it. And let your gorgeous hair flips in this sophisticated yet modern look.

4. A Tie With Classy Cardigan:

For men, fashion and dressing style is a bit different. An idea of wearing a cardigan along with a tie always works. One can dress up in a formal shirt with formal pants. But if you want to add extra flavoring, then go for any dark or printed shirt that matches your cardigan. And do not overlook the tie. As it can make or destroy your overall nerdy appearance.

5. Go For Tees:

Sometimes, an extra effort does not require to achieve this look. A simple t-shirt in funky colors is enough. Not necessarily this, but you can also go for the shirts having quotes on it, or if you’re a fan of Bruce Lee, putting on a Bruce Lee t-shirt is also a good idea. And pair them with your most beloved sweatpants. With the hair on point along with a pair of stylish optical. That is the simplest way to make your fashion statement in a nerdy style.

6. Stylish Suspenders With Denim:

No doubt, the suspenders are classy. They look ultra-classy and fashionable on every gender, whether it is a man or a woman. A man can go for the suspenders with denim below it. The great thing about these suspenders is that it makes a person look thin and smart. You can also make this look more attractive by wearing a pair of loafers with matching or contrasting ties.

7. Opt For Imprinted Dress Pants:

Though this idea is a bit striking. But one has to be very confident and bold while opting for it. Printed dress pants with a formal shirt and a tie can make your nerd look more charming and different. It is a modern and fresh way to give yourself a perfect nerd look.


Gone are the days when this nerdy look was so underrated. Now, this has become one of the most notable trends. People are going crazy after it by wearing classy glasses along with the stylish cardigans and a tie. On the other side, women are also showing off their nerd look in uber-chic style.

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