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Plain Los Angeles – Minimalist Clothing For Minimalist Lifestyle

Looking for a plain black hoodie that offers environmental impact? No, we’re not talking about a “save the trees” printed garment. We mean something that truly enables you to save the trees from a simple purchase. Enter PlainLosAngeles, an eCommerce website launched in 2019 but already having helped plan over 10,000 trees thanks to customer purchases.

The young eCommerce site specializes and promotes plain items like clothes and accessories that embody minimalism. The website interface itself is plain and simple, giving off that minimalist lifestyle feel. Shopping is easy and simple, too. Various payment options are offered and the brand ships everywhere. The young clothing ecom site may seem like the typical casual clothing online stores but it donates to a tree-planting organization for every customer purchase. The transparency from their home page’s counter makes it a delight to see that such a brand is advocating their social contribution, not just the usual flexing of their brand, products, or teams.

Minimalism is a popular lifestyle in architecture, design, and now, in fashion. The fast-paced, busy, and noisy lifestyle for most of us has sparked this kind of trend among others as to oppose the said modern noise. Thus, Plain Los Angeles also likened to the trend as to truly promote the environmental change they want. Minimalism helps in lessening carbon footprint as it is a practice of “less is more.” CenterForecoTechnology says that “By using less, you decrease the demand for materials that would typically end up in a landfill after use, and reduce the carbon emissions that would be used to produce those materials.” And so, Plain LA has come up with simple wear offerings to help people get started with a minimalist lifestyle.

Check out their website, they cater to both men and women attire. Lifestyle and tech accessories are offered, too, and those seem to be selling hot. @plainlosangeles is also on social media through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to keep everyone quickly posted on the latest regarding the brand. Have you tried purchasing from Plain? We’d like to hear about your online shopping experience. Let us know your thoughts.

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