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Easy and Perfect Hairstyles for Office

How do I comb my hair today? It is a question that we repeat every morning when we get up to go to our place of work. Hair is one of the major concerns of women and their hallmark, no doubt. That’s why we propose several quick and easy hairstyles to go to work. Choose the one that best suits your style:

High Queue Hair Style

This ponytail is one of the most practical, fast and comfortable hairstyles. The first thing is to brush your hair back above and below to remove the tangles and no bulges appear. It should be as tight as possible. We put the pigtail and throw a little lacquer to remove those hairs that are loose. If we want the pigtail not to be seen, we take a lock, surround it and hold it with forks.

Wet Effect Hair Style

First we combed the hair well back removing the tangles. Then we wet it using a spray with water extending it with your hands and carrying it backwards. Do not throw too much water, just a little to get the desired effect. Then we anoint the hair with hair wax, spreading it with wet hands. We apply lacquer on the top and hold with hairpins behind the ears. To fix it well, the dryer passes a little.

High Tang Braid Hair Style

With a brush we collect all the hair backwards making a high tail. We hold it well with a rubber band. We fix the top part with lacquer and we go back to brush in case there is any loose hair. Now we start the braid by dividing the hair in two. From top to bottom we go through strands from the right side to the left and from left to right. You have to take the strands from the outside and put them in the inner part of the other section to achieve the spike effect, and so on. When we reach the end of the hair we hold the braid with another elastic band. If we want more volume, we release the braid with our fingers carefully so that it does not fall apart. To prevent the hair from coming off we can place some hairpins.

Low Queue Disheveled Hair Style

Thin the top part to get the necessary volume. Make the pigtail and cover it with a strand if you want. Pull the sides to loosen the ponytail and pull out a little hair. If you want to give a more elegant touch put the pigtail ahead.

Low Bow Hair Style

Untangle the hair with a brush. Bring the hair from the top to the back with your fingers, pick it up in the middle part and twist it with a small curl. Girls put some hairpins to hold the roller. We divide the hair into two strands and make braids, one more closed and tighter. We wrap the loosest braid on itself, place it on the nape of the neck, fasten it with hairpins and do the same with the other. If we see that the bun is slightly down, lift it with forks.

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