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Hair Changes With Age: So You Must Take Care of It

Discover which treatments are most suitable for each stage and look healthy hair always

Keeping hair healthy and looking good becomes more complicated over the years. Not only gray hair symbolizes the passage of time in the hair. More frizzy, brittle, off …. With age the hair the hair loses its matter and needs certain care.

Whatever the type of hair, you must take care of your hair at each age to try to reach maturity with the hair as healthy as possible.

In The 20’s

During these years in which the hair is at its best and you can show stunning hair, full of strength and vitality, you should apply the saying is better safe than cure. However beautiful and healthy your hair looks. It is advisable to start taking care of it so that in the following years you will not be billed.

Put it on keratin products or treatments so you do not lose your shine and always apply a thermal protector before using the irons or the dryer. In addition, get used to always use shampoo, conditioner and once a week, mask.

In the 1930s

The first gray hairs may appear by surprise (if they have not already). At this age, everything you (not) have done with your hair starts to take its toll and if you add the stress of the job, the couple or children, and so on, it will be more muted and brittle.

But do not despair! You can do it to recover its shine realizing moisturizing treatments from time to time. Also, do not forget to apply the mask well at home and use vegetable dyes that, although they cover less aggressive with hair.

In the 40’s

At this age the hair begins to lose density and volume. In addition, hormonal changes cause women to produce less estrogen, a hormone that affects hair fall and growth.

To take care of your mane at this time of year you must carry a healthy diet, rich in vegetables and proteins. Get to using home-made conditioning masks to prevent hair from drying out and curling more than necessary.

Choose corporative producers that give more volume to your mane. At this age, it is also a good idea to use treatments and products from time to time to stop the fall and stimulate hair growth.

In the 50’s

At this time hormonal changes the hair loses collagen and curls more easily. If we add the dyes and products that we have used over the years the hair will lose its natural shine.

In order to continue to wear a strong mane, you must take care of your diet, carrying a diet rich in antioxidants, low in carbohydrates and avoiding soft drinks.

As far as possible, it limits the use of the dryer and the plates. If you dye your hair, apply after each coloring a bath of gloss able to be with natural products. Another option is to perform a collagen treatment from time to time to give the hair its elasticity and resistance.

From 60

At this age, it is crucial to avoid aggressive products or plates to care for the hair in a delicate way. The good thing is that at this age the hair will be drier, so it will get dirty less and you will have to wash it less often.

As for the color, evidently you will appear younger with tones as close as possible to your natural color. However, as the gray hairs have already taken their toll, you can do as many women of this age and bet on almost platinum blondes that conceal the roots and avoid having to dye it every few months.

Tips on How to Take Care of Hair Because Hair Changes With Age

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