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Hair Changes With Age: So You Must Take Care of It



Discover which treatments are most suitable for each stage and look healthy hair always

Keeping hair healthy and looking good becomes more complicated over the years. Not only gray hair symbolizes the passage of time in the hair. More frizzy, brittle, off …. With age the hair the hair loses its matter and needs certain care.

Whatever the type of hair, you must take care of your hair at each age to try to reach maturity with the hair as healthy as possible.

In The 20’s

During these years in which the hair is at its best and you can show stunning hair, full of strength and vitality, you should apply the saying is better safe than cure. However beautiful and healthy your hair looks. It is advisable to start taking care of it so that in the following years you will not be billed.

Put it on keratin products or treatments so you do not lose your shine and always apply a thermal protector before using the irons or the dryer. In addition, get used to always use shampoo, conditioner and once a week, mask.

In the 1930s

The first gray hairs may appear by surprise (if they have not already). At this age, everything you (not) have done with your hair starts to take its toll and if you add the stress of the job, the couple or children, and so on, it will be more muted and brittle.

But do not despair! You can do it to recover its shine realizing moisturizing treatments from time to time. Also, do not forget to apply the mask well at home and use vegetable dyes that, although they cover less aggressive with hair.

In the 40’s

At this age the hair begins to lose density and volume. In addition, hormonal changes cause women to produce less estrogen, a hormone that affects hair fall and growth.

To take care of your mane at this time of year you must carry a healthy diet, rich in vegetables and proteins. Get to using home-made conditioning masks to prevent hair from drying out and curling more than necessary.

Choose corporative producers that give more volume to your mane. At this age, it is also a good idea to use treatments and products from time to time to stop the fall and stimulate hair growth.

In the 50’s

At this time hormonal changes the hair loses collagen and curls more easily. If we add the dyes and products that we have used over the years the hair will lose its natural shine.

In order to continue to wear a strong mane, you must take care of your diet, carrying a diet rich in antioxidants, low in carbohydrates and avoiding soft drinks.

As far as possible, it limits the use of the dryer and the plates. If you dye your hair, apply after each coloring a bath of gloss able to be with natural products. Another option is to perform a collagen treatment from time to time to give the hair its elasticity and resistance.

From 60

At this age, it is crucial to avoid aggressive products or plates to care for the hair in a delicate way. The good thing is that at this age the hair will be drier, so it will get dirty less and you will have to wash it less often.

As for the color, evidently you will appear younger with tones as close as possible to your natural color. However, as the gray hairs have already taken their toll, you can do as many women of this age and bet on almost platinum blondes that conceal the roots and avoid having to dye it every few months.

Tips on How to Take Care of Hair Because Hair Changes With Age

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Discover new and innovative tips on how to treat hair as you grow bigger by age. Give some love to them and try new hairstyle tips.

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How to Make Your Jewelry Go Perfect For An Office Look



Despite the industry, a woman’s work wear speaks a lot about her personality. Other than that, it also covers numerous facts like professionalism, character, etc. of an individual. Hence you have to get it right every way possible.

We understand that business wear is not that much exciting – but wearing right accessories help you add spice to it and nail the overall look. When you choose to wear them to work, it takes your professional appearance to the next level. Here, make sure not to throw on some jewelry randomly and read up this guide to know how to style up like a pro.

Flaunt Some Pearls

Pearl jewelry has been in trend for office use for many decades. Since they show off a woman’s class and elegance to perfection, pearls have that timeless and sophisticated aura for complementing all kinds of outfits. When you are in doubt about what jewelry to go for, a simple strand of pearls is the safe option. Its simplicity and easy-to-wear style helps in making a statement. Just make sure it doesn’t go past your bust-line or it won’t look elegant enough.

Express Yourself

There are a lot of people who prefer to express their personality no matter what. They make jewelry a staple in all of their looks. There are some who wear statement necklaces to add dimension and a pop of color to their outfit, and then those who show off their style by wearing rings or bangles. All of which results in a cohesive look. But make sure not to overdo anything as it’ll distract in a negative way in any office environment.

Less is more – barely there jewelry

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like wearing statement jewelry and prefer a bit cleaner look, there are numerous delicate and dainty jewelry items available. You can go for such accessories to achieve a minimalist office look. The most recent trend of “barely there jewelry” allows the wearer to go for limitless options of accessories. It doesn’t matter what you wear, it won’t go wrong with any sort of attire. Unlike other jewelry, it looks fashionable and professional even if multiple pieces are put on.

It is one perfect option for those who want to express their personality in a subtle yet powerful way.

Go for Length

If you like going versatile in your style, there are a lot of options to coordinate with different outfits. You can pick this latest trend of long necklaces with a precious stone or tassel pendant at the end. Because these pieces come in a variety of colors, textures, and metals, you can very easily pick your favorite ones to mix and match with your work-place appropriate clothes. Either based on your mood or outfit style, these long pendant necklaces elevate appearances on different occasions.

Last Tips

It is advised to keep on rotating amongst all the go-to styles, which keeps the balance right. Sometimes it is quite tempting to mix up accessories a bit, and be selective to pick YOUR office-look without taking so long.

In the end, when it comes to styling up these accessories, everyone has their own tastes and preferences. You can go for online shopping in Pakistan and get yourself some affordable yet chic jewelry to experiment with. When you do so, it’ll ultimately allow you find and express your fabulous self.

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5 Best ‘LOOKS’ of the Week on Instagram



The ‘influencer’ offer us good ideas to fill our suitcases with very stylish clothes

In the last week of July 2018, the fashionable ‘bloggers’ are still enjoying their vacations and they give us ‘looks’ full of ideas to fill our bags.

Paula Ordovás, again in the city, has achieved a style of the most urban, adding white sneakers with black laces to two basic garments, a black top and a leopard skirt.

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Back to Madrid, back to my favorite food✌🏼😁

A post shared by Paula Ordovás (@mypeeptoes) on

Sílvia García teaches us another way to combine a black top. She does it by combining it with a skirt with the ‘print’ trend this summer, polka dots.

Natalia Cabezas has also worn a black top this week; from ‘crochet ‘ a very fashionable fabric this season, she does it with some jeans’ shorts’. It’s easy but infallible combination.

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Summer & The City 🌻 Salgo colocándome el pantalón, pero es que me gustan mucho la foto, el look y mi pelo de leona #Grrr

A post shared by Natalia Cabezas (@trendy_taste) on

Sara from @collagevintage adds to the fashion of knotted blouses. She wears it over a sandy knit dress and with esparto sandals, stars this summer.

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Happy kid when I’m wearing neutrals ✨ @dior #diorsaddle

A post shared by 💃🏻Sara (@collagevintage) on

Silvia @LaddyAdict stands out with a red party dress, which shows that it is one of the best colors to succeed.

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“Solo tienen que pintar las rosas de rojo”👑♥️➕ #ladyaddict

A post shared by LadyAddict (@ladyaddict) on

5 Best Intagram Looks of the Week - Lady Addict Instagram

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In the last week of July 2018, the Instagram fashion bloggers are still enjoying their vacations and they give us looks full of ideas to fill our bags.

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Makeup Foundations – Give Your Skin A Flawless Finish



Best Foundations Brands in Pakistan

Foundations are the most important part of any makeup regimen. It makes your skin look smooth and flawless and not only this, it also allows you to perfect the uneven patches of your skin. It is the most individualized makeup that you wear. It is not only about adding color and perfecting the skin tone and texture but also gives protection to your skin from unwanted dust and environmental factors. Here’s a roundup of some of the best foundations for oily skin, dry skin and combination skin in summers for Pakistan.

MAC Foundation

MAC Foundations Prices in Pakistan

MAC is known to be the leader of all the makeup brands. It has foundations that have an oil-controlling formula and offers matte finish with medium to full coverage. Moreover, there is a huge selection of foundations to choose from. You can select something as per your skin type and skin tone. It ranged from matte to satin, dewy to natural, all types of finishes with perfect shades and textures to make your skin look flawless and give the perfect glow. MAC knows just the right way to find and create the perfect foundation base as it is the face behind many catwalk, photo shoot or award ceremonies. It is a secret weapon for most of the celebrities and gives them the perfect supermodel glow.

MAC Foundation Price in Pakistan starts from Rs.4975.

Maybelline Foundation

Maybelline New York Foundation Price in Pakistan

Maybelline is known to be one of the best drugstore makeup brands all over the world. It offers foundations for all skin tones and skin types. Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage foundation is known to deliver 24-hour wear for an ultra-transforming coverage and the most flawless finish foundation. This does not fade or shift as the name suggests and stays intact all day long making the skin look offers sheer, medium and full coverage depending on your skin type. Whether your skin is normal to combination, dry to normal or oily, Maybelline will offer you something that is long wear, hydrating, dewy and matte to create the perfect canvas for the whole day.  Maybelline’s dream liquid foundation gives you luminous feels and full coverage. It is perfect for any skin tone and texture and the cushion puts perfection to your face.

Maybelline New York Foundation Price in Pakistan starts from Rs.1599.

Christine Foundation

Christine Foundation Price in Pakistan

Christine is a Pakistani brand that offers matte finish and dewy finish liquid foundations as well as stick foundations. The formula is thin in consistency but blends pretty well. It offers light to medium coverage. It glides very smoothly on the skin and has a very light texture too. It is perfect for the weather of Pakistan and has a staying power of up to 5 to 6 hours. This foundation is pretty much affordable on the pocket as well.

Christine Liquid Foundation Price in Pakistan starts from Rs.330.

Kryolan Foundations

Kyrolan Foundation prices in Pakistan

Kryolan offers a foundation in liquid as well as stick form. However, its stick form is successfully proven and is known as a special base, TV paint stick. It has a gentle application and provides full coverage with more than 250 colors. It is named TV paint stick because it is truly extraordinary and indispensable for stage, film, TV and any sort of video work. Kryolan foundation is a soft, micronized foundation with anti-aging complex and protective filter against harmful ultraviolet radiation – for a perfect appearance and flawless coverage. Ideally suited for natural looking makeup for high definition camera work in photography, fashion shows, show events, weddings and more. These foundations are ECARF certified.

Kyrolan Foundation prices in Pakistan start from Rs.1850.

Revlon Foundations

Revlon Foundation Price in Pakistan

Revlon Foundations offer the most revolutionary formula with light filtering technology giving you a poreless, airbrushed look. It creates a luminous finish with soft focus pigments giving you a flawless skin. Revlon foundations are known to be America’s number one long wear foundation with a pump that is mess-free and also gives SPF protection. The coverage lasts for up to 24 hours. Moreover, it is comfortable, light wear and provides a smooth, perfected look.

Revlon Foundation Price in Pakistan starts from Rs.1550.

Oriflame Sweden Foundations

Oriflame Sweden Foundation Price in Pakistan

Oriflame Sweden offers a supremely smooth and bendable foundation with gel technology giving you a beautiful skin and completely transforming the dullness of your skin. It offers coverage as much as you need and also SPF 20 to protect you from the sun rays. The formula gives you a natural, dewy radiance and exhilarating hydration. It is very light in weight and gives the skin a natural glow with a satin texture. It is non-greasy and makes the skin feel moisturized too!

Oriflame Sweden Foundation Price in Pakistan starts from Rs.950.

L’Oreal Paris Foundations

L’Oreal Paris Foundation Price in Pakistan

L’Oreal offers the best foundations for all skin types. Whether you need a matte finish for your oily skin type or a cream foundation for your dry skin type, you’ll get everything you desire from L’Oreal. It has a long-lasting formula that matches your skin tone and gives you a flawless finish for up to 24 hours. With L’Oreal foundation, you can achieve a matte finish look that won’t fall flat with this air-light, long-wearing liquid formula. Lightweight and creamy, foundation goes on smooth with a demi-matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours—hiding imperfections for a smooth, clear complexion.

L’Oreal Paris Foundation Price in Pakistan starts from Rs.3399.

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