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Perfect Buttocks and Slim Body for the Summer, NYC Edition

Covid has made our lives extremely difficult. Of course, the biggest challenge for all of us has been the countless lockdowns we have all been subjected to as part of a wide public health measure. However, another big thing we have all been deprived of has been traveling. It’s virtually non-existent now. And it’s not just international traveling – in fact, traveling within the boundaries of one’s own country has become an arduous task. But vaccination programs have been rolling out and there is a lot of hope that traveling will resume. And it’s great news because the summer is around the corner. Many of us prefer carefree vacations at the sea or at the ocean. But many of us feel uncomfortable removing clothes on the beaches because there are certain parts of our body that we feel uncomfortable with. And let’s make one thing clear: body-shaming is out of the question — there is nobody shape that is better than the rest. But what about those of us who feel a bit uncomfortable with certain parts of our body?

Well, the two most common issues that some of us have with our looks are our buttocks and areas with excessive fat. Science has been developing various remedies for the aforementioned problems. For a more attractive butt, one can opt for a non-invasive treatment called Sculptra and for areas with excessive fat Coolsculpting. As an NYC resident you might be worried about Coolsculpting cost in New York or Sculptra injections buttocks price, but stay assured that there are a number of very affordable options for you.

Affordability aside, you need to be extremely careful about the clinic you choose. It’s key to pick the one that has a widespread reputation for being safe and providing the best results out there. The best way to start is – checking out the reviews left by former patients. If you google Scupltra or Coolsculpting NYC you’ll be very quick to notice MiracleFace MedSpa with its countless positive reviews.

But are Sculptra and Coolsculpting right for you? Should you go ahead and undergo these treatments? To help you make the right decision we’ve compiled the answers to these most frequently asked questions:

  1. What is Sculptra
  2. Sculptra FAQs
  3. What is Coolsculpting
  4. Coolsculpting FAQs

So, let’s get to the bottom of this.

1. What is Scupltra

As we age, our bodies stop producing as much of what we call collagen. When this happens, certain areas start wrinkling up, losing volume, and sagging. The solution that was conceived by some of the most respected scientists in the world has centered around a very simple idea: can we somehow trigger collagen production? One of the solutions these people came up with is what’s now known as Sculptra. The mechanism behind sculptra is focused on a substance called poly-l-lactic acid. When this substance is injected into the problematic area, collagen production is heightened.

And what results will one have? Correct, among many other things that this procedure can solve, is adding the much-needed volume and the attractive look to your buttocks. As we’ve already briefly touched upon that, this happens due to the increased production of collagen in the area that is triggered by the injection of poly-l-lactic acid.

2. Sculptra FAQs

Let’s briefly touch upon some of the most common questions that people ask about Sculptra.

a. When will the results be seen

This might not be the best news for everyone but the fact is that your buttocks will lift and become more attractive within 2 to 6 months. While it’s true that for many other beauty treatments the results can be seen as soon as at that very moment, Sculptra lasts much longer as you will see from the answer to the next question.

b. How long will the results last

Probably the coolest thing about Sculptra butt injections is that the results will remain visible for a whopping 2 to 4 years. Yes, we’ve said other beauty treatments yield the results right away, but how much cooler is it to have the results stay around for years to come?

c. Is it safe

You might have heard that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Sculptra for the use on one’s face back in 2004. But the truth is that tens of thousands of patients who chose Sculptra for butt lift have experienced no major problems. In fact, they’ve been delighted with the results.

3. What is Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is used extensively for areas that have excessive fat. These are the areas that are difficult to erase fat from because even diets are unable to fully solve the issue. Some of these areas are thighs, buttocks, the areas underneath armpits, abdomen, or back. But unlike, say, liposuction Coolsculpting is non-invasive and that’s the reason why many people opt for this particular treatment. Coolsculpting basically freezes the fat in the area that’s treated.

The way Coolsculpting is done is pretty straightforward. The doctor will first apply a protective layer of gel to the area. Then a Coolsculpting device will come into play: it will detect fat under the skin. Finally, these identified fat areas will be cooled to the temperature at which they will die naturally. But that does not happen right away — fat cells will be dying within the next few weeks and that’s when you’ll see the results.

4. Coolsculpting FAQs

And finally, we’ve got some answers to the most frequently asked questions for you.

a. Is coolsculpting permanent

Yes, it is. The fat will not come back. However, it all depends on you. If you continue exercising and eating healthy food, those areas will remain fat-free.

b. Does the procedure hurt

Not at all, actually. But some patients do feel some pressure as well as coldness because as we explained, this procedure revolves around the freezing of fat. But don’t worry – most of the patients are on their phones while the treatment is being done. They listen to music or do regular work while the doctor is treating these problematic areas.

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