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Finding the Best Swimsuit Based on Your Body Type

As the summer season starts to come, there seems to be one thing on your mind–that is, finding the right swimsuit. Summer is the perfect time to hit the beach and bask in the beautiful warm weather. When it comes to finding swimwear, however, the struggle is real. Similar to other clothing pieces, there are just so many styles, cuts, colors, and designs to choose from that it makes the decision much harder. At the same time, it can also feel intimidating and daunting to show some skin, so it is natural for you to want to find something that flatters your body.

When shopping for bikinis online, one should be down to the smallest details, like the designs and prints, everything that can change the way the bikini looks, depending on your body type. Fortunately, however, there are some tips you can make use of to help you decide what swimsuit will be the best choice for you.

Bust Size

Whether you have a full bust or small bust will affect the type of swimwear that looks best on you. If you have a full bust, then you should look for something that accentuates it. With that, find a swimsuit that gives you adequate support and lift to highlight your silhouette but still provides you with comfort. Avoid thin straps since these might not give enough support, and go for thicker straps instead. V-shaped necklines will flatter your chest, as long as you do not get one that is too low. Alternatively, if you would prefer something more concealing, you can opt for a high-neck swimsuit.

If you have a small bust, then push-ups and paddings will help bring out your curves. You can experiment with different kinds and look up some bikinis online to see what you like best, though there are some styling tips that may help flatter your body. For instance, ruffles, gathers, and horizontal lines can give the illusion of a larger bust. On the contrary, try to avoid flat triangle tops.

Pear-Shaped Body

If you have a pear-shaped body, try to look for swimsuits that highlight your upper body. For instance, you can find a bright-coloured top with a solid-coloured bottom to draw more attention to your bust. The bright colour helps add volume to your torso, whereas the solid colour “plays down” your bottom.

Stomach Issues

If you are not confident about wearing a bikini because of a belly bulge, cellulite, or other tummy issues, you need not worry. You can certainly still rock a bikini without being conscious about your stomach. For example, one-piece suits can help flatten the tummy, but if you prefer two-piece suits, you can opt for a high-rise bottom to get the same effect. Similarly, you can look for some designs like ruching or panel designs on the side since these can visually play down your tummy.

Athletic Body

If you have more of an athletic body, you can look for swimwear that helps accentuate your waist and give you more curves. For example, a one-piece suit with cut-outs in the waist can help draw attention to this area. Additionally, you can look for sporty-style swimsuits, like crop tops, as you already have the body to wear them.

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