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Alessandra Ambrosio Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

The model has marched for Julien MacDonald, designer who closed the London Fashion Week

Alessandra Ambrosio has surprised parading for Julien MacDonald, designer who closed Fashion Week in London this week.

The Victoria’s Secret angel wore an intense blue party dress, which she combined with the campaign of which she is an ambassador. The CÎROC vodka led by the photographer Mario Testino. CÎROC is a brand of French vodka that has been present in the European Fashions Weeks so that designers and celebrities could enjoy it during the parades.

The 36-year-old Brazilian is one of the best-quoted models of the moment , has been a mother twice and has retained a satiable figure. Its entry is the method of Tracy Anderson, which combines movements of dance, aerobics and yoga. This and much more reveals in the following interview:

How do you prepare for a Fashion Week?

I make sure I’m well hydrated and sleep a lot.

Are you still nervous after all these years?

Yes, the nerves are always there, but once I step on the catwalk, they disappear and I enjoy the moment.

How do you keep fit?

I train three or four times a week and lately I’ve been practicing the ‘Tracy Anderson’ method, a mix between exercise and dance, which makes the whole body work.

What is the difference between an individual fashion show and a Fashion Week?

A Fashion Week is much more stressful and hectic than a normal fashion show, due to the number of fashion shows that for days on end.

What are you doing after a catwalk?

It depends on what I have afterwards, but if I have no other parade or work, I like to relax, give myself a massage or have dinner with friends.

How many hours do you sleep?

I try to sleep at least 8 hours, but I do not always get it.

Are you afraid of criticism?

No, I think criticism helps you grow.

What is your worst nightmare on a catwalk?


What do you think while you are marching?

I ‘m just trying to enjoy the moment.

Do you have a ritual before the parades?

I like to listen to music and talk with my family.

This summer we have seen you enjoying Ibiza, what do you like most about the island?

It’s a great place, has a lot to offer, from incredible beaches and clubs, restaurants and stunning sunsets.

Angel or bikini shoes and sandals?

A bit of both, but I’m a beach girl, so I think bikini and sandals would be my first choice.

How long do you think you have left in this profession?

I love my job, so I’ll keep doing it until it changes.

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