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4 Chilly Weather Styling Tips

The idea of dressing for winter can be different than actually dressing for winter. Though thoughts might fill your head with adorable sweaters, rosy cheeks, and outfits finished off with the perfect pair of cute boots, the reality might look a little more like puffer coats and three layers of socks. The bottom line is that it can be pretty hard to look cute while staying warm.

No need to get your scarf in a twist! There are (thankfully) a few ways you can stay toasty while wearing a cute outfit. It’s all about choosing stylish pieces made of materials that will work to keep you warm in chilly temperatures. There are also a few rules of thumb to remember about specific styles, layering, and accessorizing. With these tips, you’ll surely become an expert at creating exceptionally warm and stylish outfits when the weather is cold. Here are four chilly weather styling tips.

1. Layer Your Clothing Thoughtfully:

Even if you have on the warmest of coats, you still might be cold without heat-trapping layers underneath. Just like a chunky knit blanket allows air to infiltrate the openings between each stitch, a thick, loose-knit sweater might seem like it would keep you warm, but actually leaves a lot of room for cold air to get closer to your body. To make your outer layers work better, start by choosing a tight tank top, t-shirt, or turtleneck bodysuit for your first layer made from cotton, wool, or any other fabric that will keep you feeling dry and comfortable all day long. From there, it’s easier for thicker or loose-fitting layers to keep you warm. As you layer on top of this initial piece, think about keeping your torso covered and having as many layers close to your body as possible.

2. The Longer, the Better:

Crop tops are fun and super cute, but if your main goal is staying warm, there are cute options that will do more for you. Think about layering a soft tie-front jacket or sweater over a fitted turtleneck or long sleeve bodysuit. This way, you’ll stay comfortable and warm without having to wear too many layers. Think about longer-length pieces when choosing a coat as well, as this will help the lower half of your body to stay warm.

3. Keep Your Jacket Game Strong:

In addition to sticking to longer jackets, you might also think about utilizing your favorite cute jackets underneath a big coat for added warmth. The plaid shacket trend is a great way to do this, as these styles usually come in thinner fabrics that won’t get too bulky underneath your coat. Plus, you can layer a knit or wool top underneath to keep things feeling extra toasty. Pair this jacket and coat combo with a warm hat, black boots, and a leather handbag for a classic winter look.

4. Take Advantage of Accessories:

Of course, you love your winter accessories and want to break them out on the first cold day of the year. Thankfully, they’re also a great way to lock in body heat and add a bit of extra pizzazz to your outfits. Once you have layered a warm outfit with multiple pieces, check and see where a winter accessory might be a good add-on. Consider thick women’s scarves for an outfit with chunky boots or flare-leg pants or jeans. Adding a big winter scarf on top will balance out what you’re wearing on the bottom and keep your neck (a culprit of heat loss if left bare) feeling nice and warm.

Hats are perhaps the most stylish of all winter accessories and come in countless styles, materials, and colors. A cute winter beanie gives off major chilly weather vibes and will keep your head from getting too cold in the winter wind. Beanies can finish off a cute and casual winter look featuring hiking-inspired boots, leather leggings, and a teddy coat. Beanies also get bonus points for being the go-to cute winter accessory to throw on when your hair is in between washes and dry shampoo just isn’t cutting it.

Hopefully, these tips have left you feeling inspired, informed, and ready to look cute in a mild snowstorm. For less-freezing temperatures, you can always tone these tips down for a less-chilly way to style your outfits. The key is to remember layering, warm fabrics and materials, the power of accessories, and staying true to your personal style. With these under your belt, you’ll be able to create an effortlessly chic outfit that looks cute and keeps you from getting cold in the winter months.

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