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Rolls Royce gets darker with Dawn’s Black Badge Trim



The Rolls Royce Black Badge production takes a part of the automaker’s stuffiness and flips it inside out offering better flow and a hostile tasteful. The murkiness is seeking the Dawn.

Rolls Royce presented the Black Badge trim on the Ghost and Wraith at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Presently over a year later it’s going to the drop top Dawn. It has an identical taste from before the Spirit of Ecstasy hood. Adornment brandishes a dim chrome complete. Which supplements the broad use of dark all through the vehicle including the canvas rooftop and the leather cover.

Interior of Black Badge:

The inside is much a similar story. Dark calfskin’s tedium is said a final farewell to orange trim highlights like the last little clue of a Dawn vanishing into the great beyond. The trim which is generally some kind of top of the line wood is rather a blend of aluminum and carbon fiber. The trim requires six layers of finish that must dry for 72 hours before being hand-cleaned to flawlessness.

What more dark can Rolls Royce fit in there? No more.

As with other Black Badge production Rolls Royce isn’t reluctant to give drivers a chance to take part in some lively tricks. Another fumes framework includes a Low setting that produces a bassy roll. Its 6.6 ltr V12 makes 593 HP 30 more than the customary Dawn. There’s another 15 pound-feet of torque on offer also. Rolls Royce additionally included 1-inch bigger brakes and the controlling has been honed for a livelier vibe.

You can go and commission a Dawn Black Badge. At this moment yet as with all Rolls Royce items it  comes at a high cost. Rolls Royce didn’t state how much the Dawn Black Badge costs yet considering a standard Dawn begins of $340,000 it won’t be shabby in any feeling of the word.

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Into Cars? Here are 6 Ideal choices you have in 2019



The automotive sector is growing at an unprecedented rate with global sales of 80.8 million vehicles in 2018 alone. This trend is likely to grow as the new year comes knocking at our doors. Car enthusiasts, however, find themselves in a fix as what the new year might hold for them.

Many auto manufacturers have either announced new models or have confirmed to update the current models for the new year. These cars promise new features and technologies that will push the boundaries of comfort, safety, and performance to new levels. Electric vehicles are finally becoming a realistic option for buyers as most of the auto makers aim to introduce their brands of EVs. Automakers are also making efforts to improve existing features like the autopilot, cross traffic alert, and augmented reality dashboards to enhance our driving experience.

Available choices for 2019:

With so much on the horizon, it becomes difficult for the car lovers to make this significant financial decision. When we buy any car reviews play an important role in shaping our decision. So, we see many of these car enthusiasts rush towards online forums, or reach out to car experts to inquire about the choices they have in 2019. In this article, we have compiled the six ideal choices of cars in an attempt to narrow down the buying options for you. Here we go:

2019 Audi e-Tron:

The 2019 Audi e-Tron will be the first purely electric car introduced by Audi. The 95-kWh battery pack will take only 30 minutes to charge up to 80 percent with a 150 KW high speed public charger. The high definition digital instrument display – the Audi Virtual Cockpit Plus – helps the driver maximize efficiency and range.

It also provides smartphone integration, allowing you to access your phone through the touchscreen display to connect to your favorite apps, music, maps, messages and much more. It features an integrated toll module which is designed to work with toll calculation and payment.

The 2019 Audi e-Tron comes in 2 different trim levels; the Premium Plus, starting at $74,800 and the Prestige, priced at $81,800. The latter also comes with a Driver Assistance Package which helps supplement the driver’s instincts like sensing danger and navigation; hence improving the overall safety of the driver.

2019 Nissan Altima:

The 2019 Nissan Altima is a mid-size sedan providing a standard all-wheel drive. The gorgeous exterior curves and comfortable interior makes the vehicle top in its class. The Nissan Altima comes with two engine setups;

  • the 179-horsepower 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and,
  • the 270-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 engine

The trim levels for Nissan Altima start with the entry-level model Altima 2.5 S which provides some nice standard features. The 2.5 SR and the 2.5 SV models also offer excellent value. Then we have the 2.5L, and finally, the 3.5 SL whose powerful engine and comfortable features make it a go-to selection for car buyers. The 0 to 60 mph test clocks at 7.8 sec with a load. The price for the base 2.5 S model starts at around $24,000 and reaches $34,000 for the 3.5 SL Altima.

Tesla Model 3:

The Tesla Model 3 is a mid-size electric sedan offering dual motor all-wheel drive. The Tesla Model 3 all-wheel drive has two independent motors which digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels, ensuring far better handling and traction control. The battery pack for Model 3 provides an estimated range of 310 miles on a single charge which is a significant improvement on other electric vehicles. The 0-60 mph acceleration test clocks at an impressive 3.3 seconds.

The Tesla Model 3 comes standard with Enhanced Autopilot features. The 360 degrees rear, side, and forward-facing cameras maximize visibility while the 12 ultrasonic sensors ensure your safety by detecting nearby cars and preventing collisions. The mid-range Model 3 is currently price DAT around $35,000 which is quite reasonable for a car with such functionalities.

2019 Kia Forte

If you are looking for a budget car, you might consider the 2019 Kia Forte. It is a redesigned sedan takes styling inspiration from the new Stinger GT performance sedan. Since the car is now 3.2 inches longer, it allows for a more spacious interior. It is equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine capable of outputting an estimated 147 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque. The engine offers great fuel economy, returning 35 mpg (miles per gallon) combined.

It features a floating infotainment screen and offers full smartphone connectivity with Apple Car Play and Android Auto interfaces incorporated. It can be fitted with adaptive cruise control, forward auto-braking and blind spot monitor and comes at a base price of USD 17,690.

2019 Toyota Mirai:

The 2019 Toyota Mirai is an eco-friendly car with impressive features. It is a four-seat sedan and one of the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell electric car. The car runs on hydrogen and provides an estimated range of 312 miles. It currently comes at around USD 57,500.

The technology hasn’t become mainstream since it faces a few hurdles. Lack of hydrogen refueling station is one major factor that discourages consumers,but as the refueling infrastructure improves, the sales are expected to boost significantly.

2019 Honda Insight.

Honda Insight is a midsize four-door hybrid that offers excellent fuel economy of capable of 55 mpg around town. The impressive features and a dynamic look make it a compelling choice for car buyers. It is fitted with an electric-assisted 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine that generates 151 hp and a lively 197 lb-ft of torque.

For better economy, drivers can put the car EV mode for limited all-electric operation and can increase regenerative braking to help bolster battery charging. It offers aroomy interior and spacious 15.1 cubic feet of trunk space. The sports mode offers livelier operation and better drive experience.


As most of the car manufacturers are working on their brands of EVs, it is assumed that 2019 will be the year when electric vehicles become a realistic option for car buyers. The pace at which technology is revolutionizing the automotive industry, we can safely say that more advanced features like attention assist, autopilot, and other safety features will come standard in future cars.

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LED Light Bars: Guiding the traffic to safety in times of emergencies!



These days, the emergency lights are not dedicatedly designed only to guide heavy traffic zones. They are structured to do much more in an emergency situation with the improved technology. Without burning out, LED lights are highly energy efficient and can last longer than expected.

They can easily be used without any issues for a longer period of time as they do not take all the energy out of the battery of the vehicle. When required, LED lights can be configured into ELD traffic adviser as they come in many forms.

To bring the situation under control, LED light bars are very multi-functional and can be used for a number of emergency situations. Communicating effectively with the public is a necessity to avoid confusions and resolving the traffic issues it helps in the emergency situations.

When there is an emergency, having this light can double up as LED traffic adviser. Since they have the inbuilt arrows which can specifically direct traffic to take safer routes, traffic advisers have the capacity to direct the traffic in emergency zones.

How these lights help?

For increasing the visual patterns and grabbing the attention of the vehicles from a long distance, the light bars can be pre-programmed to blink in many patterns. To suit the needs of a number of vehicles, light bars can come in different colored LED bulbs and different sizes.

The larger LED light bars are permanently fixed to the vehicles and they are wired to the electric circuit of the vehicles for their power requirements.

Since they have greater visibility even during the day time, larger light bars are the most effective as LED traffic advisers, for maximum effectiveness, the traffic adviser light bars should be mounted on the roof of the vehicles. Over the stands on the rear of vehicles some of the larger models can be seen mounted where they can direct the traffic and act as auxiliary signals. To flash simple words across the small screen area and advising the traffic of an emergency, the traffic advisers can be programmed in this way.

As LED traffic adviser which can be hand-held, smaller LED light bars or even a dash light can be used. Since they are not bulky and do not emit heat, these can be used even inside of the vehicles. When the weather conditions are poor or when the traffic signals fail, these are very effective.

Even in the coldest of weather, all light bars are lightweight and can be handled without a problem. Penetrating the fog, rain, snow and all other weather conditions, the LED bulbs emits beams.

Being the most important function of a traffic adviser is the use of multiple colors for getting the attention of other drivers on the roads. So that the security personnel can work better to resolve issues, it helps in diverting traffic away from emergency zones.

Since they can guarantee the performance of the lights, LED lights should have certain specifications according to the law which should be followed diligently and even buying traffic advisers from licensed vendors is also important as they can guarantee the performance of the lights.

The usage and features of LED Light bars

For emergency vehicle lighting, there are several types of light bars LED which can be used. Mounting on the outer edge, facing the rear, upper exterior mounting, etc. are the options which are included.

Under the adverse conditions, these bars come with super bright LEDs which can provide high intensity beams under low temperature.

Enhancing their usability and reliability, low power operation preserves energy, especially on the highways or during traffic jams, the light bars come with some excellent features.

For the manufacture of light bar used by the modern patrol cars, a lot of improvisation and research has gone into it. Along with aerial reflectors, cop vehicles uses light bars, helicopters can provide additional security from the top which requires aerial visibility to spot the cop vehicles in complete darkness.

Also in the directions if required, there are some simulated systems which can project light both in upward and other directions.

The modules of LED light bars

For the fleets of cop vans which are the part of the same expedition, or operation, the uses of the light bar are even more significant. Servicing these bars is very easy in spite of their extensive functionality. Servicing these bars are very easy, they also come with control boxes which have simple circuits.

If required, the LED modules can also be replaced. To operate for thousands of hours and the simple cigarette plug switch which can be used to turn them on and off whenever required, LEDs used in the light bars are designed to operate for thousands of hours.

To alter the flash patterns depending on the signal which could be sent out to others following the light bar flashes, in case of emergency lighting.

For enhancing the visibility of the light chrome reflectors are used in light bar along with colored lenses. For sending alarms or cautionary messages, red light can be viewed for extremely far away and hence its use is significant in emergency situations.

The maintenance is extremely easy as they can be installed very quickly and easily. In construction vehicles carrying heavy equipment and two trucks which require flashing warning to normal passenger vehicles on the highways, the use of light bars is also seen in construction vehicles.

They are extremely reliable and easy to install as these lights are similar to grille and directional lights. It is sturdy and resistant to harsh weather which helps in using them at all times when it comes to the casing of these lights which is usually a thermoplastic.

While purchasing

LED is usually the best option because of the cost effectiveness as well as the preservation of energy when it comes to the purchase of these lights. To enhance the functionality of these light bars, several different types of lenses such as 8 degree, 15 degree, 30 and 60 degree colored lenses can be used.

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Qualities & Skills Required to Pursue a Career in Transport Logistics



Among all the trade shows across the world, transport logistics is the biggest and the finest. The show is held for different purpose, such as for logistic, mobility purpose, IT purpose and the whole chain supply management. The show is conducted every two years, preferable in early May.

 However, there is a field of study that helps one to grasp the system and mechanism of transport logistics. To ensure this system runs smoothly, skilled people are required who will devote their energy and precision to make it a success.  This system enables one to learn about quick deliveries of goods and products from the suppliers to the customers. In this fast paced world, where the world thrives on internet and online shopping transportation of the purchased products are the integral part of the business economy.  People who are experts in logistics management need to focus mainly on the transportation and the planning of transporting goods and products. The transports that carry goods every day from one place to another mainly include freight trains, planes, trucks and ships. Now-a-days, planes are the most commonly used medium for the transportation of goods due to its fast speed.

Skills Required For Managing Transport Logistics:

Professionals involved in this field require ample amount of knowledge on the primary facts of rules and regulation. They should know about the benefits and the expenditure involved in the various modes of transports. For example, when it comes to plane, the benefit is greater and the cost is higher as well. But in case of trains or trucks the cost can be curtailed but one may not be able to wrap it up within the limited time. However, for effective running of the business, one requires efficiency in leadership, math, customer handling and skills in planning of strategy.


Factors Affecting The Skills:

  • The boon in technological advancement has highly affected the transport logistics industry. It is anticipated that with the advent of 4.0 (the industrial revolution that involves all work through computer) will change the picture of the present condition.  All works that was used to be done manually will be computerized and therefore the criteria of skill requirement in workers are bound to change. The employment industry will be hugely affected as well.
  • Using autonomous machines for transport logisticis indeed very helpful.  In Australian mines these are used in ample amounts to accelerate the process of transportation.  However, using such machines help the workers in the mines as they do not have to enter hazardous places but the work can be done without difficulty. Machines reduce the time consumption and give more efficient job than what humans can produce.
  • However with the advent of new technologies and innovations, the current transportation market is highly disrupted. Employers remain in a constant threat of dismissal from work without their own fault and the uberisation takes its toll in the transportation market.

Employment Industry & How It Works:

This field of management calls for different types of professionals who are equipped with the proper planning, procurement, analysis, directing and finally evaluating the transports.  One does not jump to the highest post while joining. This, the beginning jobs include one of analysis and supervising the products that are to be transported. One can be a manager but for this one requires few years of job experience in the other fields of transportation logistics. There are additional positions in mid-level managements such as chain software manager or one can also pursue the career of international logistics manager. However, it is better to go for an internship course before joining a permanent job. This helps to have clarity about the job, its stream and one’s own satisfaction in it.

Thus, transportation logistics management is one of the best career opportunities in the modern world. One gets the chance to learn as well as to teach and there is real taste of job satisfaction as well.

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