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How to Protect Your Car in UAE’s Summer Heat

Car safety is a major concern in the United Arab Emirates, therefore residents are urged every year to take precautions. The high temperatures can cause a number of problems with your car, from making it uncomfortable to drive to possible damage under the hood. But don’t worry, because there are things you can do to make sure your car stays in good condition even in the hot UAE summer.

Park in the Shade

When the temperature outside is 45 degrees, your primary goal should be to find a parking spot under a covered area. The extra few minutes of walking will make your car more comfy to return to. If you can’t park inside or under a roof, try parking under a tree or in the shade of a building.

Check Car Air Conditioning

Before we talk about the Mechanics, it’s important to make sure that the driver and riders are both comfortable in the car. Check your car’s cooling system even before summer comes to get it ready for hot weather. Check the coolant levels, and air filters, and search for any signs of coolant leaks beneath the hood. If the air conditioner isn’t working as well as it should, it needs to be fixed.

Use a Window Shade to Block the Sun

The dashboard, steering wheel, and seats in your car get hot when they are in direct sunlight. This heat rapidly raises the temperature inside your vehicle to an uncomfortable level. Simple foil or foam windshield shades reflect direct sunlight and keep your car cool. Even though it doesn’t look like much, it can really help keep your car cool in the summer.

Car Window Tinting

Along the same lines of thought, painting your windows is a more stylish choice. High-quality window tint blocks the sun’s rays and reduces the interior temperature without limiting visibility. There are laws and regulations that must be followed when car tinting in UAE.

Due to the extreme climate, the law only permits a total window tinting percentage (manufacturer’s + additional) of 50%. Do keep in mind that you could get fined a lot if you go over the limit. Cover Your Car’s Interior. It’s a good idea to spend money on covers for your steering wheel, dashboard, and seats (particularly leather). Light-colored fabric seat coverings effectively keep your interiors cool because they absorb the least heat. Your seats are also protected by fabric covers against heat-related deterioration and cracking. To slow down the rate at which the sun deteriorates your vehicle, it’s a good idea to provide it with some extra defenses.

Regular Service

Vehicles, especially in the summer, benefit greatly from regular maintenance checks and tune-ups. Some important repair jobs are:

  • Check the coolant: Make sure there is enough coolant and that the radiator is in good condition. This keeps the engine from getting too hot.
  • Battery Check: Extreme heat can put a load on your car’s battery. Check the battery’s charge and clean any rust to keep it from breaking down when you least expect it.
  • Tire pressure: When it’s hot, tires can expand, which can cause them to be overinflated. Check the tire pressure and keep it at the recommended level for better gas mileage and driving.

Let the Heat Out

If nothing else works and your car gets extremely hot when you get back to it, open the windows and let all the heat out before driving away. Instead of blasting your AC, roll down your windows. Open the door and fan it for a couple of seconds to let the heat out. This should help the air move and cool down your car faster.

Buy Quality Fuel

Choose high-quality fuel to keep the engine from knocking and to save gas. When it’s hot outside, poor-quality fuel can cause problems with the engine.

Exterior Car Protection

When you park your car in an open parking lot, use car shades or, if possible, park indoors to keep the outside from getting too hot. A car cover is always a good thing to have in the car, especially on hot days. Covers for your car can also help keep the inside of your car cooler in the summer. Also, using car covers is a great way to keep the outside of your car in good condition when it’s hot.

Avoid Peak Sun-Times

Whenever you can, try not to drive when the sun is at its most intense. This not only keeps your car safe but also makes it more comfortable to drive.


No one can avoid the UAE’s hot temperatures, but we can take measures to safeguard our vehicles and prevent heat exhaustion. By doing these things, you can make your car last longer, make it run better, and make sure you’re more comfortable driving even in the hottest months.

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