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Mercedes-Benz Will Now Unveil its X-Class Pickup Truck on 18th July

Late in 2016, Mercedes-Benz reviewed its extravagance pickup truck with the Concept X-Class. One week from now Mercedes will drop the “idea” and hotshot the creation variant.
Mercedes-Benz will divulge the generation X-Class pickup truck on July 18. There’s a site for the divulge, yet there’s no data on that site now, except for the secret video that is additionally inserted before.

The New X-Class Pickup Truck:

Beside a mess of ludicrous imagery. We see a couple of looks of the truck’s outline and that is about it. The automaker flaunted two particularly extraordinary X-Class ideas in 2016, yet both are going to be lumped into a similar X-Class assignment, utilizing trims to isolate a more lavish truck from one that may be more fit.

There’s still no assurance that the medium size X-Class will even go to the US. Back in February, Mercedes-Benz faltered on US-spec X-Class generation. Saying how it would likely need an entire second plant to coordinate request. US purchasers incline toward full-measure pickups by twofold digit components, as well, additionally confounding issues.

If it somehow managed to go to the US. It would go head to head against contenders like the Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Colorado and 2019 Ford Ranger.

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