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Lexus May Finally Release an RX Crossover This Year

At this moment, on the off chance that you need a three-push Lexus hybrid you’ll need to buy a truck-outline behemoth like the GX or LX. For a considerable length of time people have thought about whether the littler, unibody RX would grow a third column, and it shows up those supplications may at long last get addressed for the current year.

Lexus wants to uncover a three-push RX hybrid at the Tokyo Motor Show in October, Japanese auto outlet Mag-X reports. Considering the RX is one of Lexus’ top venders it could extend the hybrid’s allure with the expansion of a third line.

The 3-Push Lexus RX Lineup:

As per Mag-X’s story, the three-push RX will have an indistinguishable wheelbase from the current RX but the back shade will be stretched out to suit the third line. The current RX body forbids a third column, since there’s any space between the second line and the back glass.

The third line likely wouldn’t be for regular use. But instead for periodic circumstances that need a third line, as if your in-laws come to town. With every one of the three columns full, the second line will lose a touch of legroom. A draw that Mag-X has makes it resemble the entire auto will be somewhat confined. Be that as it may, in any case, it’ll have a third column, which is an offering point.

Not only are Lexus’ three-push hybrids based on truck outlines, they’re gigantic and very costly. The RX possesses a lower value level beginning in the low $40,000s. Which sets it up against vehicles that offer three columns. For example the Acura MDX, Land Rover Discovery and Volvo XC90. Despite the fact that they may not use them many purchasers welcome a third column.

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