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How to Maintain Your Car Like a Pro (Even After 10 Years!)

Are you planning to buy a budget ride from a used car dealership? Our maintenance hacks can work wonders on any vehicle despite how old it is.

Wait for a second

Wouldn’t an old Toyota look odd in front of a brand-new BMW?

Despite its outdated features, the ride will not giveaway when placed against the top-rated cars of the world. That’s because most old models have better engines and more mileage than new cars. They are also much easier to mauver if you’ve been raised around manual cars.

More importantly, the maintenance of your car holds more importance than its make and model. It is for that very reason why many Americans enjoy riding vintage cars or hold on to their decade-old possessions.

So if you’re planning to purchase a used car in Naperville then don’t let its manufacturing date make you second guess the decision. We’re ready to guide you through the process of how to maintain the car once it’s entered your driveway.

Here are a few effective tips to maintain your car:

1. Wax and Wash

No matter how old your ride is, you must keep its exteriors in top condition. Faded paint and dusty cars can cause a lot of damage. That’s why you should spend some time to make it look brand new. This is a two-step process that involves washing and waxing the car.

Here’s what you’ve got to do:

To Wash:

You can protect the car paint from grime and dirt by washing your car regularly. For that, you should hose down the entire car with water and then use a soapy scrubber to clean the surface. Wash each section gently, making sure to wipe away bird droppings and grime that’s clinging to the surface.

After that, you can hose off the soapy residue with clean water or wet cloth. Make sure not to leave any traces behind.

Pro-tip: Use automotive soap for better results.

To Wax:

Did you know? The paint on your car protects the metal surface from rusting and getting affected by the environmental elements. That’s why you must pay extra attention to the paint.

Waxing is a great way to prevent it from wearing off. It’s typically done twice a year for extra protection.

You can do this at home after washing the car and then drying it thoroughly. Then apply the wax to the car’s paint with its applicator, make sure to cover every inch of its surface. Then polish the wax with a clean microfiber cloth.

2. Slow and Steady

Do you like speeding?

You may love to drive recklessly to show-off your daredevil persona. However, it’s a recipe for disaster for your vehicle. Driving fast, putting too much force on the brakes and taking dangerous turns can be quite problematic for your car. Not only does it increase the risks of an accident, but it puts undue pressure on major parts of the car.

Consequently, speeding increases the wearing and tearing of crucial components of your vehicle. This includes your brakes, tires, and engine. So it’s advisable for you to keep your speed less than 50 mph if possible.

Besides this you should:

  • Slow down for potholes and speed breakers
  • Stomping on the brakes or putting your foot on the floor
  • Avoid turning corners at an unquestionable speed

In short, control your speeding habit and don’t rush. Practicing this strategy will help you minimize your maintenance cost and also regulate your car’s fuel consumption.

3. Sweet Servicing

Let’s get one thing straight–DIYs don’t always work.

It’s why you should call in the professionals from time to time to inspect the car. If you want to do things without assistance then you should start learning how to flush the cooling system, mechanism, replace air filters, inspect exhausts, and clean radiators, etc.

As you can see, the nitty-gritty stages of car maintenance are a handful. So you’re better of consulting a specialist for these areas. They’ll point out areas of concern that you may have missed and repair them on the spot if possible. This will ensure that you know how to increase the longevity of your ride without giving way to costly repairs.

Usually, routine servicing is done once a year, but you should also send it off for examination before and after a long road trip.

4. Fluids and Oil

When was the last time you replaced your car fluids?

If you don’t remember then you’re in a lot of trouble. The car’s fluids are equivalent to the blood inside our bodies. Without the fluids, the car’s engine would stop working or at least start breaking down due to the low fluid levels.

Therefore, you need to keep an eye on the fluids and replace them when necessary. This includes everything from fuel, battery electrolyte to the radiator coolant.

While you’re refilling these fluids, it’s important to see that:

  • They are clean and free from contamination
  • You’ve bought them from a trustworthy source
  • You don’t overfill the tank
  • The fluid is of high-quality and doesn’t get consumed quickly

On the whole, be careful of what you put inside your engines. You don’t want it to be the reason behind your car’s frequent downtime.

5. Tires

Most car owners think that maintaining their tires means keeping a spare and the jack with you at all times. That’s simply a precautionary measure in case your tire gets punctured. Besides this, you’ve got to check the tire pressure monthly to maintain the car.

You should also rotate the tires after every 1200 miles to make sure that the wear and tear are equally distributed.

Let’s Sum It Up…

Long story short, buying a vehicle from used car dealerships isn’t a bad idea. You just need to know how to keep the car in its prime condition by maintaining it properly. From washing it, replacing its fluids, to checking its tires, some simple steps can boost its longevity.

Watch this space to know everything about Naperville car dealerships and insights on how to maintain a car.

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