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Chevrolet celebrates 100 years of pickups, prepares a special S10

In doubt, besides a car one of the images that surely comes to mind when thinking about Chevrolet is a pick up. Whatever the age their trucks also transcended and became a fundamental part of the offer of the brand of the bow, especially in their home country United States, but also in our market:

The American company celebrated 100 years of making pick ups and together with the celebrations on American soil, it also prepares a special series of S10 produced in Brazil to honor this century of history. So far, only the emblem of this commemorative edition has been known which in addition to the Chevrolet logo (with a retro style) adds the plate 100 Years. Nor is it known how many units will be and what other specific details will add characteristics reserved for its planned launch in the coming months.

Going back to the nostalgic mood Rich Scheer, director of Exterior Design for Chevy Trucks made a selection of the 5 most representative pick ups produced by the company (we must bear in mind that some of them did not arrive in our region or did, but with certain design modifications):

1) 1918 One-Ton:

Chevrolet’s first pick up was inspired by the vehicles used in the plants to move parts from one place to another. It was a chassis with an open cockpit, an inline four-cylinder engine and an open frame that allowed customers to adjust their body to the needs.

2) 1938 Half-Ton:

The first pick up designed in the “Art and Color” department. Later to known as Design Center by Harley Earl and his team. That year also separated designs of cars and trucks. As they realized that the pick ups needed to have their own identity.

3) Cameo Carrier 1955 Series 3124:

Known as the “Task Force” pickup, the Cameo Carrier is Chevrolet’s first “Fleetside” design. The chassis surface aligns with the cab and fender creating a complete and elegant shape from front to rear. It was an icon of the heyday of American style and automotive ornamentation.

4) C30 One-Ton Dually 1973:

To this third generation C/K from more square lines many consider it as the first modern cargo truck. The design reflects a new trend for the time and will continue until today. Customers use their pick ups not only for work. But also for recreation. “It’s simple, resilient and decisive similar to the first Chevrolet trucks” Scheer said.

5) Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2007:

The simple, modern and powerful with exaggerated wheel lights. It is another evolution for the Chevrolet pick ups in creating their own identity with front and back badges. This pick up brought back the ‘hard truck’ aspect, although it still heavily influenced by aerodynamics. Said the brand’s design manager.

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