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The 3 Essential Aspects of Great Car Audio

Your car audio is a very personal aspect of your vehicle – the radio station that you leave playing, the volume you want when on the open road on your own, and the type of music you want to listen to. There are a few aspects of car sound and audio that you need to know about. Regardless of whether you will simply be listening to the world news service on your drive home, you want it to be clear and able to keep yourself informed above the noise of the traffic. This article will detail the essential components of a professional car sound system.


Everyone wants good bass from the music in their vehicles. It does, however, need to be quality, and this will require a subwoofer and an amplifier, and depending on the stock speakers that your car came with, you may also need to upgrade the speakers. These three aspects will allow for non-distorted bass. Do your research and ensure that you select the right sizes to suit and integrate with the other musical components in the car.


Appropriate speakers also cover clarity. If you want the clearest sound possible, look at the quality of the speaker, but you may also need to look at the quality of audio files that you are playing as well as the head unit (the single or double din stereo receiver). The head unit comprises the controls for the entire system and allows access to all the sources of music. It should also include the Bluetooth component to ensure a seamless and safe hands-free connection to your mobile phone for communication.


You’ll only be able to reach maximum volumes if the above issues are dealt with. For serious volume, you will need to have a suitable amplifier and or equalizer, and there is a wide variety available, with some great examples of car-specific audio at Hifonics amplifiers – ensure that it’s fitted by an expert as incorrect wiring and insulation will lead to unnecessary vibration distortion.

Nobody wants the windows rattling or a sound that simply is composed of a noise. If you enjoy listening to music while you drive, then you should ensure that the aspects mentioned above are included in your audio sound package. The best way to go about these changes is to listen to the sound of your car with the engine switched off while parked. Make a mental note of the sound quality and what you would like to change. Then drive the vehicle and listen to the same music, again making a mental note of the quality and clarity, and evaluate the volume. There then maybe just a few components that you will need to upgrade and change. Alternatively, go for an entirely new system if your budget allows.

Car sound is essential, regardless of whether you are just driving to work or doing a cross-country road trip. Being able to listen to lively driving music or the perfect soundtrack to your trip makes a massive difference to the enjoyment of the trip.

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