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Singapore Zoo: The Best Wildlife Experience in Singapore

The Singapore Zoo is one of the best places for wildlife lovers and this place also holds a historical significance. This place is home to around 315 animal species, this place is known for its lush landscapes and interactive exhibits. This zoo in Singapore offers a great opportunity to engage in educational programs and rare encounters with animals and this thing attracts millions of visitors every year.

This zoo is best for someone who wants to visit with family and children. Here in this article, we have mentioned everything you need to know about the Singapore Zoo which will help you have the best wildlife experience in Singapore.

Singapore Zoo in a Nutshell

1. Quick info

  • The best time to visit this zoo is in the mornings or late afternoons
  • To explore this place in the best possible way you need to spend 3-4 hours there
  • You must try breakfast in the zoo surrounded by wildlife
  • Khatib (NS14) is the nearest MRT station

2. Things to know

  • This zoo was opened in 1973
  • This zoo is home to around 2530 animals
  • The Singapore Zoo is operated by the Mandai Wildlife Group
  • This zoo is located inside the Mandai Wildlife reserve

3. Main zones of Singapore Zoo

  • Red topia
  • Wild Africa
  • Fragile forest

4. Address & opening hours of the zoo

  • This zoo opens daily from 8 am to 6 pm
  • If you are coming late you can enter at 5 pm
  • The address of this zoo is 80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826

Reasons to Visit Singapore Zoo

This zoo in Singapore will let you have closer views of exotic wildlife. You’ll get to see Komodo dragons, Bengal white tigers, and orangutans. Many shows are also organized for visitors so that they can experience the charm of wildlife. These shows are ‘Animal Friends’ and ‘Splash Safari’. Apart from exploring the wildlife, you can also try dining and breakfast in the zoo surrounded by animals. It is an educational experience for kids as they will learn about wildlife conservation by visiting here.

Recommended Singapore Zoo Tickets

You can book Singapore Zoo tickets according to your preferences as there are a variety of options available for everyone. Here’s a list of recommended Singapore Zoo tickets to choose from.

  • You can book a ticket to visit the zoo with a tram ride. It will be an interesting experience for you and your family to explore the wildlife on a tram.
  • You can also book a combo ticket in which you’ll get a night safari, Singapore zoo tour, river wonder, and bird paradise. This will be valid for the whole week so you can visit different places on different days.
  • Another combo that you can choose includes Singapore Zoo tickets + a night safari with a tram ride
  • You can book a multi-attraction pass in which you will get to visit serval places in Singapore along with the zoo. You can choose almost 7 top attraction spots in Singapore.
  • You can book a super saver ticket in which you’ll get to explore the Singapore Zoo and River Wonder with one ticket.

Main Zones of Singapore Zoo

  1. Fragile Forest: Exhibiting a wide collection of vegetation and animals.
  2. Treetops Trail: A canopy walk that allows tourists to look at animals from up high.
  3. Wild Africa: In our African wildlife habitat which bears some similarities to their natural environments.
  4. Australian Outback: This consists of Australian animals native to Australia in a themed exhibit.
  5. Tropical Crops & Orchid Garden: Paying heed to the flora exuberance within the region.
  6. Primate Kingdom: Maximizing the life expectancy and providing comfortable homes to various primate species in their natural habitats.
  7. Reptile Garden: Showcasing an array of reptiles having different species.
  8. Elephants of Asia: Its main focus is the custody, welfare, and conservation of elephants.

The Best Time to Visit the Singapore Zoo

You can plan a visit to Singapore Zoo throughout the year but if you want to avoid the crowd then you should not plan your visit during the time of school holidays. If you want to see the animals in their most active form then you must plan a visit in the time of morning. During the monsoon season, the animals are shifted indoors so, you might miss the opportunity to explore the wildlife if you visit this time. This zoo organizes festive events and animal birthdays, a visit during this time can be interesting to see.

Other Attractions Near the Singapore Zoo

  1. Gardens by the Bay: One of the most prominent horticultural wonders of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay, is characterized by the Supertrees, which are accessible via skywalks, the Flower Dome, and the Cloud Forest conservatory structures. This garden in the Marina Bay Area has achieved award-winning status for its sustainable architecture, plentiful greenery, and lively floral displays that present a futuristic and spellbound place in a city.
  2. Night Safari Singapore: you can have one of the most unique experiences while trying out the night safari at Singapore Zoo. This zoo has around 2,500 animals of 140 species and you can explore them through a tram or by walking on the trails.
  3. Singapore cable car: The Singapore Cable Car provides a thrilling aerial wonder that links Mount Faber with Sentosa Island. The panoramic vantage points over the city’s skyline, Harbor, and green areas offer an exciting and truly unique experience unparalleled by anything else. While cable car ride boosts the attractiveness of Singapore as a destination for both locals and tourists they will explore it in the future.


On a final note, the zoo is regarded as a symbol of inventive conservation policies as well as educational exhibition. The space is subdivided into a unique series of zones specially built to replicate different types of habitats in which there is something to entertain & delight people of all ages. With the incorporation of naturalistic landscapes and interactive displays, the place is sought to be one where a culture of understanding, preservation, and appreciation of the natural environment emerges.

What makes a zoo stand out among all others is its commitment to ethical standards and the well-being of animals, plus the quality of its exhibits. Thus, it is destined to be the ‘gold standard’ for presenting both appealing and responsible zoological experiences. The zoo’s educational program, one of the top locations in terms of biodiversity appreciation area, is based on the ideas of education, and linking people with nature.

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