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Places to Visit in Malaysia in 3 Days – Kuala Lumpur City Tour & Petronas Towers in 2020

In this video, you can see the Malaysia trip to Kuala Lumpur plan and review on this post, it will give you the feeling about relaxation with Malaysia one day trip on the first video. Kuala Lumpur trip 2020 is the best video we hope you have seen for the first time.

Malaysia Travel VLOG 2020:

In this video, you can see the Petronas Towers thought the Sky Deck KL Tower, and also you can enjoy the amazing view from Regalia Suites Apartment. Also, tell you the Sky Deck KL Tower ticket price with is (100 Ringgit) you can go to the top area of Sky Deck KL Tower to view the whole city and also you can book the hotel Kuala Lumpur to view Petronas towers as well, it depends how you can explore the city.

Kuala Lumpur City View:

FAQ About Visiting Kuala Lumpur

You can travel whenever you want because Kuala Lumpur’s weather is really great and mostly you see the rainy weather all day and there is no warm weather like Thailand.

For somehow you can wear because many international tourists wear shorts and visit places safely. So the answer is you can wear shorts clothes but on the limit.

Yes, it is safe for females, you can found many females solo travellers in Kuala Lumpur city. Even you can see females visiting late nights.

Places to Visit in Malaysia in 3 Days

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Kuala Lumpur City Tour & Petronas Towers in 2020 – In this post, you guys see the Kuala Lumpur trip VLOG and also you can find in the post VLOG videos about traveling Journey.

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