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How AI Can Help You Better Manage Your Time



Time management is crucial for organizations to prioritize work effectively and achieve their goals on time. Thus, many digitally mature organizations with large workforces are switching to AI-based time management tools to manage employees’ time and enhance their productivity. This article sheds light on some of the AI-powered technologies that can streamline the process of time management and scheduling.

What is Time Management?

Time management is the process of planning your time effectively for different tasks and activities. Good time management calls for making the most out of your limited time. In other words, it enables a person to do more work in less time without getting overburdened. It requires sorting the tasks based on their priority and urgency so that you do not spend more time on trivial work. However, when you are juggling multiple tasks, projects, meetings, and clients, time management and scheduling become more tedious. This is where artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies come into the picture.

With the rise of digitization, organizations are embracing artificial intelligence-powered technologies to manage and save their precious time. AI-powered technologies, like AI calendar tools, automated time tracking, and advanced email assistant tools, automate dreary manual tasks and assist in organizing your routine so that proper time can be allocated to the right task.

How AI can Help You Manage your time

Here are some easy-to-use AI-backed time management tools that can help you manage your time smartly while making you more productive.

Scheduling with AI-powered Calendar Apps

You can leverage smart calendar management apps like and, which find the most convenient time for meetings and daily tasks while keeping your schedule flexible for sudden ad-hoc meetings. These apps auto-schedule the time for routine tasks on the calendar based on your priorities and availability. The applications sync multiple calendars to ascertain your actual availability so that your slot does not overbook for different activities. Smart time blocking makes your day more productive, your schedule less hectic, and your time more manageable.

Using AI to Track Employee Time

Many organizations are now switching to AI-based automatic time tracking software which automatically captures employees’ time and work. These software tools help managers assess how much time was spent on which tasks and identify those tasks that take longer time to complete. Such data helps managers establish priorities and eliminate tasks that are trivial and consume a lot of time. Moreover, with the aid of AI-based time tracking software, managers can easily view the bandwidth of team members so that the work can be distributed effectively, and a project can be delivered on time.

AI-based Tools to Monitor Your Time Usage

There are a few AI-backed software available such as, that track how much time an employee spends on which application and website, providing you with real-time visibility into their overall time usage at the workplace. The app can easily integrate into the taskbar and can capture the time usage across different websites and apps. As per the captured data, it creates a graph showing the time spent by employees on those applications. With the aid of these visual reports, managers can examine how much time was spent on productive and unproductive activities.

Ease of Clock-in & Clock-out with AI-backed Tools

AI software, like facial recognition time clock systems, has eased the clock-in and clock-out systems for organizations. Now employees do not have to waste their time by punching their time manually on legacy systems, which were also prone to time theft. Instead, the system automatically harvests the time data using face recognition technology. The AI-backed face recognition time clock registers the employee’s face and uses this data as a credential to distinguish an employee from others. So, now employees can simply walk into the office and face the camera to clock in and clock out in a fail-safe manner.

Take Breaks with AI Recommendations

Breaks are crucial to rejuvenate the mind and body of an employee for better productivity. Taking short breaks in between work improves cognitive performance, creativity, and productivity. But the question is, what would be the ideal time interval and duration for taking a break? The answer is – you can use any of the calendar apps to keep a tab on your break schedule and integrate this calendar with AI-based productivity management tools. This will give you an insight into the productivity levels at different break timings. This evaluation can be used to determine when to take breaks and for how long duration for the best results.

Distraction Blocking Apps

If you need to focus deeply to complete any task, then it is necessary to cut down on the applications or websites that distract you. There are many tools available that restrict the time spent on time-wasting websites. Some popular ones are Stay focused and Freedom, which enables employees to activate a locked mode. This mode prevents them from getting distracting notifications while working. In addition, the AI-backed personal assistant from Timely named Dewo has been renowned for its ability to automatically trigger ‘do not disturb’ mode as soon as it analyzes that deep focus work is underway.

Save Your Time with AI-powered Email Assistant

You must be familiar with the smart reply option in the Gmail app, in which AI helps you respond back within a blink of an eye. At the bottom of any email, it offers the three most relevant responses that you can click to revert back to the email. Google engineers trained the system with a huge dataset of emails, enabling it to analyze which messages require a response and what the most accurate response should be.

In a similar way, many advanced email assistant tools, such as and, are making email replies effortless. These tools are best known for curating human-like, customized emails with a touch of personalization within seconds. Moreover, AI-based email management tools such as Sanebox are the most sought-after apps among professionals to organize their inboxes as per priority. It prioritizes your mail inbox so that you can look into the important ones first, followed by lower-priority emails.

Let AI Take Notes During Your Meetings

It is tricky to interact with your clients face to face on the zoom call and take notes of their requirements simultaneously. Moreover, it is likely that you miss some minutiae while penning down the other details. This is where tools like can step up the game. This AI-based tool transcribes your entire meeting and shares it with you right after the call so that you can pull out the highlights from the call and understand the client’s need in detail even later.

Streamline Work with an AI Chatbot

Whether you provide a service or product, your marketing teams will always require different kinds of content for marketing purposes, ranging from email pitches, social media campaign content, and blog posts to product marketing content. This is where chatbot tools can come in handy. First, you need to provide this bot with information about your app or product. Then, according to your input, it provides a valuable, relevant, and unique response that you can leverage for content creation and marketing purposes after some editing. It will not only save a good deal of research time but also helps you curate pertinent content. Besides, these AI-powered chatbot tools can help generate automated personalized responses for customer inquiries so that resources can be engaged in productive work.


There are many tools available in the market, and some are still being developed that can help you manage your time effectively by organizing your routine and automating various tedious tasks. As a recap, make sure to

  • use AI calendar apps that will do the hard work of blocking your time as per your availability.
  • leverage time-tracking software to keep track of your time and productivity.
  • utilize distraction-blocking apps to minimize disturbance and focus on work.
  • deploy automation tools like email assistants and chatbots to reduce manual work and save your precious time.

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