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Can Smart Home Technology Stop Your Room Mate from Stealing Food?



Getting your flat mates to quit taking your sustenance can be harder than it sounds. Generally it includes ungainly showdowns, time squandered marking every one of your remains, or more regrettable. Also, on the off chance that you live with a few companions, you don’t generally know who is executing the Cap’n Crunch.

Savvy home devices can help you stay away from the standard disturbances of fathoming the instance of the vanishing sustenance – either by getting the guilty party or securing your snacks. In any case, would it be able to truly take care of the issue out and out? We should investigate the alternatives:

Conceal a keen cam in the kitchen

Keen cameras are ending up noticeably more reasonable, and brands like Ezviz will give you essential security highlights for as low as $60. Set up one of these shrewd cams behind the vase and discover which flat mate is taking your nourishment. There’s even two-route sound with some of their cameras, so you can call them out at the time, in case you’re viewing the livestream at the correct moment.

The enormous issue with moderate brilliant cams is that they regularly do exclude much distributed storage. That implies you’ll most likely need to screen the camera pretty routinely on the off chance that you need to get the guilty party in the demonstration.

Another potential concern, contingent upon your association with your flat mates: introducing a mystery camera in your residence or loft will abuse their security. Fortunately, there are less nosy choices.

Get inventive with security sensors

It’s somewhat pricier, yet in the event that you’re living in a house with different companions, propose contributing to get a DIY security framework (our suggestion is the $300 Abode, however there are more reasonable alternatives). It’s a smart thought when all is said in done to ensure your property, yet you can likewise lay hold of an entryway/window sensor or movement finder to buff your storeroom’s security.

Particularly in the event that you have isolate sustenance storage rooms, an entryway/window sensor could tip you off when somebody is rifling through your snacks. So also, a movement identifier could tip you off when somebody’s assaulting your room’s scaled down ice chest for a brew. Furthermore, neither of these devices will infringe on your flat mates protection. Also, you won’t need to nearly screen the gadgets, similar to you may with specific cameras.

Issue is, sensors will just give you fundamental information, similar to when individuals are opening your refrigerator or wash room – not who is doing the opening.

Attempt a drawer bolt

Alright, so you couldn’t care less who is taking your nourishment; you simply need it to stop. You won’t not have the capacity to do much in a few conditions, however dormitory living regularly implies nourishment is put away in more innovative spots. In the event that chip packs and treats continue vanishing from your work area, you could change a regular drawer into a stopgap safe.

The $80 Smart Armor Cube is a straightforward device that secures one of your drawers for a retrofit safe. Of course, it’s not an invulnerable metal box, and it won’t help keep your entire ice chest secure, yet it ought to keep annoying flat mates out of your nibble stash.

It ought to be noticed that the Smart Armor Cube is an Indiegogo extend set for discharge this late spring, so while it looks encouraging, you might need to sit tight for us to test how great it really is before paying out for it.