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Everything you Need to Know About Boxing Hand Wraps

Why Do Boxers Wrap Their Hands

A hand wrap also known as a wrist wrap is a special kind of protective material made up of basically a strip of cloth. It is used by main boxers and other sports persons taking part in different combat sports. It will stabilize your wrist and thus more comfortable for you. These hand wraps protect the players from grave injuries in the wrists which basically caused while punching. It is basically wrapped all over the wrist and the palm, where it has many vital functions like maintaining the alignment between the joints and for compression. Your thumb can be protected using hand wrap so you will not face any serious injuries. It also serves as additional strength to support soft tissues in order for them to not undergo much wear and tear during the repetitive punches.

Points To Remember While Using A Hand Wrap:

1. It Is Meant For Protection:

A hand wrap is a protection against many commonly incurred injuries usually faced by the boxers. The wrist joint is supported and kept in proper position so that it does not receive a punch in the wrong place. The base of the thumb is also secured such that the chances of fractures and sprains are reduced, which usually result from the collision of the thumb and the opponent’s elbow. Most of all, any fracture in one or more of the metacarpal bones is prohibited from using the hand wraps.

2. Its Use Depends On The Wearer:

Situations and experience determine what the wrapping method of a boxer will be. Variations in the wrist wrap used can provide more amount of wrist support, padding for the knuckles, thumb support or even less fabric within the fist. In many situations, a single wrap is enough to stabilize the fingers and keep it from ‘riding up’ in a loose-fitting glove. The competition rules determine how much amount of gauze and tape can be used by one boxer and that may be rolled and divided in various ways according to the demand of a particular match.

3. It Is Inexpensive:

Training wraps are basically reusable cloth and can be secured well with Velcro or a small tie-tab. Non-elastic one is considered to be conventional. The popularity of the Mexican style hand wraps is good because of their slight elasticity. The length of the hand wraps varies based on personal variations and preference, hand size and what type of glove is to be worn by the boxer. A new alternative has evolved these days in the form of gel-line fingerless gloves which are worn inside any type of boxing glove. These are used to reduce the damage to the arms and wrists, according to the rules of the organization.

There Are Certain Steps To Be Followed While Installing Hand Wraps:

  1. Hook the Loop on Your Thumb – hold the hand with an open wrist, straight with the forearm and the fingers spread out, and then slip the thumb finger through the loop. Wrapping should be on the back side.
  2. Wrap the Wrist – pull the loose end of the wrap under the wrist. Make sure it is tight enough to provide support for the wrist. For extra support, the wrist should be wrapped about three times.
  3. Encase the Hand – once wrist wrap is finished, the loose edge of the wrap should be encased under the palm in the area between the index finger and the thumb. Then it should be drawn over the top of the hand. Be sure to make it tight enough.
  4. Wrapping the Thumb – each stroke of the cloth should be passed between the thumb and one finger at a time and at last the thumb should be wrapped and finished up with a Velcro.

Hand Wraps is very simple with great utility in any type of physical sports from boxing, running to weightlifting. Hand wraps ensure the safety of your joints and limbs. It is always good practice to use fresh hand wraps while practicing.

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