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Marvel President Entitles Spider-Man as “The Greatest Superhero of All-Time”

Kevin Feige has titled Spider-Man as the “greatest superhero”. The character has left his mark on the pop culture. From his look in cartoons and comic books to his short spell as a live-action TV celeb, to his present 15 year long run in blockbuster movies spread throughout three distinctive franchises. In the coming summers, Spider-Man has been seen as a great part of Spider-Man: Homecoming. The movie introduces Tom Holland as a young Peter Parker and presenting Robert Downey, the Jr’s Tony Stark as the mentor.

The arrival of Spider-Man in the MCU was a great deal, particularly deliberating all the contract negotiations between Marvel and Sony to make this happen and the character is going to be a great part of Marvel’s plans for the near-future at the least. In fact, according to Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios president, Spider-Man is more than a main character in the MCU and that we will see him as the main lead when it is about Marvel.

What makes Spider-Man more distinct than any character enliven in the MCU, or contending DC Extended Universe till now, is his age and associated responsibilities. The MCU is filled with adult characters with no hidden identities, so the web-slinger is a peculiarity in these day’s Marvel movies, in that he has to lead a double life.

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