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Bipolar Disorder – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Bipolar Disorder also referred to as manic depression, is a mood disorder. It causes mood swings in individuals who suffer from it. These temper swings entail emotional highs like mania and hypomania and lows like anxiety and melancholy. Because of those severe emotional usaand downs, it’s miles hard for the sufferer to control even the maximum trivial every day life responsibilities like going out or consuming.

As in step with the National Institute of Mental Health, round four. Four% of adults in the United States suffer from bipolar ailment sooner or later of their existence. A person is normally recognized in his/her mid-twenties however the signs of bipolar can appear in the course of the teenage years. Bipolar Disorder affects both males and females equally. There are two types of this disorder:

Bipolar 1 is a relatively acute bipolar disorder where you may not experience major depressive episodes.

Bipolar 2 is a severe bipolar disorder where your bipolar episodes are extreme. The type normally depends on what aspect of bipolar disorder behavior you exhibit.

The aspects of bipolar disorder include a feeling of euphoria, extreme sadness, exceptional energy, and in some cases a bipolar person can also become suicidal. Bipolar disorder is an extremely manageable mental health disorder. With the proper remedy plan, anyone affected by it is able to lead a satisfied and complete lifestyles.


Researchers and scientists have not yet diagnosed the actual reason of bipolar ailment. Some imbalance and strange physical traits of the mind can be characterized as a purpose of the bipolar ailment.

Just like other mental health problems, bipolar disease is usually inherited. If you have got a parent or grandparent that suffers from bipolar disease, you are possibly to develop this situation as nicely.

According to some studies, bipolar sickness may be because of severe alcohol or drug abuse, severe pressure, or extraordinarily demanding experiences.


The symptoms of bipolar disorder range from individual to man or woman. They rely on what kind of bipolar episode you are experiencing. A bipolar episode can be manic which exhibits symptoms of extreme euphoria, or it can be depressive where the individual experiences feelings of sadness and restlessness. In manic bipolarism, an individual displays the following symptoms:

  • Excessively happy and hopeful
  • Abruptly changing moods
  • Speaking fast
  • Less concentration
  • Unusually high sex drive
  • Increase energy levels
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Exhibiting poor judgment
  • Less appetite
  • A larger sense of self-confidence

Symptoms exhibited in a depressive bipolar disorder episode

  • Extreme sadness
  • Loss of energy
  • Hopelessness
  • Less concentration level
  • Forgetfulness
  • Lowered levels of excitement
  • Trouble making decisions
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia


A psychiatrist or a neurologist usually provides a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. The health practitioner will ask questions on your own family intellectual history and ask you approximately the symptoms which you are experiencing to peer if any of them are associated with you having a bipolar thoughts.

It is suggested by using physicians to go to your doctor with a friend or family member, to set up a sense of believe. If your symptoms appear to be too severe, you will be mentioned a intellectual fitness expert.


The physicians normally treat bipolar disorder with therapy and in some extreme cases, they might recommend a few meditations as well. You may be prescribed a few mood stabilizers, that you want to take for an extended time period.

Your medical doctor might also ask you to preserve a magazine so that you can procedure your emotions about sure matters in a wholesome way. You will be requested to keep a song of your moods, dozing styles, consuming habits, depressive episodes, glad episodes, and huge life activities that can impact your mood in order that your doctor allow you to thru any episodes that can be going on because of these problems.

When to See a Doctor?

Bipolar Disorder is a possible sickness, but you require the help of a mental health expert or neurologist to parent out a remedy plan that will let you control this disease. You may additionally need to right now see a medical doctor if at some stage in a depressive episode you’re having suicidal thoughts.

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