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Influencer Vince Pitstick on His E3 Podcast with EricaFitlove



There are many influencers who use their online platform as an opportunity to educate others. They use social media for pictures, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts, through which you can enlighten people about different topics. So many different topics can be covered, but it’s hard to tell who’s a seasoned professional versus a self-proclaimed “guru”. E3 is a podcast between experts Vince Pitstick and Erica Lugo, who share their relevant experiences regarding hot topics in the health industry. Together, they use this platform as an opportunity to help others.

Vince Pitstick has one of the most loved and appreciated podcasts in the world, through which he tells everyone about his life journey to becoming today’s renowned Metabolic Mentor. He also invites other health coaches and trainers who share their knowledge about nutrition and health disorders with the world, including celebrity fitness trainer and co-host Erica Lugo.

The intention of this podcast is to let people know that they are not alone and to share knowledge with their audience so they feel motivated to take back control of their health. Vince knows that when a person is looking for a weight gain or weight loss transformation, then a health coach must do everything to keep them motivated.

Vince Pitstick has one of the most successful health industry podcasts with Erica Lugo, also known as EricaFitlove. She is a certified fitness coach who helps others and provides them with information on nutrients and protein supplements. This podcast was named E3, to signify their values to Educate, Elevate, and Empower their listeners. In this podcast, they dig deeper into the field of metabolism and share their experiences as mentors.

The main purpose of this podcast was to educate their audience about the dos and don’ts when it comes to their health. Vince Pitstick and EricaFitlove cover a variety of essential health topics like weight loss, KETO dieting, anxiety, depression, and nutrition balance in the E3 podcast. Vince believes in sharing knowledge about metabolic health and how the human body reacts to certain things such as environment, nutrition, and more. These topics range from elementary to advanced, as Vince shares how food affects our hormones and messes up the chemical messengers that run in our brains.

People from all over the world listen to this podcast, and you can learn something new in every episode. The E3 podcast is never too dull or too hectic to listen to; it is light and informative. Vince and Erica keep things fun while sharing important information with their audience, and they even try to answer as many questions as they can during the live podcast.

You can listen to their new podcasts on Fitlove streaming and learn so many new things about how Vince and Erica became metabolism mentors and how they help others to get healthy. Their podcasts are both informative and fun, with a few jokes here and there. Both of them share their professional experiences and struggles with their audience and empower them. You can also listen to their podcast Apple Podcast.

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