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Online Gaming Is More Popular Nowadays

Nowadays people are more interested in online gaming. Once upon a time when people use bar phone and play games offline but now they use smartphone. Online games are changed in their gaming experience. Playing game with an unknown person who lived in another country this method of playing games with international players is more popular in day by day. People are feeling more reliable to do everything on the internet. Now you can do everything you want to do it online. You realize it more clearly when you look at casino sector. Nowadays people are feeling more comfortable to play casino online.

Any casino player worth his salt will tell you about the new VR casino experience. Virtual and augmented reality is predict to blow up in the coming years. This is really good news for all online casino enthusiasts out there.

In fact, by 2020, the initial five billion dollar revenue forecast has been increased to a staggering 162 billion dollars for VR in the gaming sector alone. The rise in VR in the regular gaming and iGaming industry have seen prediction for VR soaring to heights beyond imagination. Initially, online casinos have a long and challenging road to harvest the similar output of their investment compared to console gaming giants like Sony Playstation and Nintendo. The gaming industry is eager to see how VR will free up their cross-selling opportunities. The rewards are up for grabs!

Gaming operators have for the last two decades struggled to find ways of cross selling their offerings by getting casino game players to try slots, slots players to try sportsbook. Now with the introduction of VR casinos. Operators are clapping in glee for the undiscovered potentials this aspect of the gaming experience opens up from a marketing standpoint.

Virtual reality is a concept finally ready for the market and the technology is now good enough for it to reach full commercialization. Samsung has previously launched a solution that lets you put your mobile phone in a spectacle, thus making VR familiarity quite reasonable. Google Cardboard working very much the similar way. If you’re not use it so far then you must use it. It will change your VR experience.

VR opens up a brand new layer of player interactivity. To see what’s in store you can look at one pioneer with online casino VR, SlotsMillion. To get an idea of how the virtual casino experience will be. You get to step into a new world. If you have a friend with goggles on as well, you can enter the casino together. In between sessions you can chill out watching a live sportsbook event streamed in the VR environment or just hang with other VR gamers. All the best casinos as advertised here will soon follow suit.

International Data Corporation estimates the size of the global market for these technologies to be worth around $5.2 billion this year. This revenue, according to IDC’s analysis forecasts explosive growth for the next five years. In 2020 expected that the worldwide turnover from AR / VR revenue will exceed 162 billion dollars. Which is hardly chump change. This represents an standard annual growth over the age (Compound Annual Growth Rate – CAGR) of a staggering 181.3%.

To play online casino games players need VR headsets for extreme better experience. Many gamers who want to experience an online casino game in a VR environment will jumble to get their hands on the finest devices and technology. With Microsoft’s HoloLens currently retailing for a meagre 2500 GBP when compared to Google Cardboard VR goggles that sell for more attainable prices. More and more casino enthusiasts will be able to afford the VR joys. The better VR goggles such as the Oculus Rift, bought by Facebook for 300 million GBP in 2015, require a very powerful PC. Something to factor in before entering the world of virtual reality. There are many goggles for VR now available to choose from such as Five 0, Google Daydream, Playstation VR and Samsung Gear VR.

In the online casino world, one must bear in mind that although the technology has now become better and cheaper. It is still expensive and difficult to produce quality content for Virtual Reality. The Game Developer’s ability and willingness to create interesting content will. Therefore, be crucial in this market segment to attract and retain new players.

AR (Augmented Reality) catching up.     

After 2016, it is predicted that AR will lead the way and surpass VR sales. This is because professional use in sectors like health care. Product design and management will start incorporating it into their daily operations.

We will know more about any positive and negative impacts from VR/AR usage as it infiltrates both our professional and personal lives over the next few years. One thing is certain – early adopters of VR technology needed to create a virtual reality online casino experience stand to gain the most in this relatively untapped sector.

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